The changing AppSec automation landscape – where does that leave DevSecOps?


Webinar: Making Sense of the Changing AppSec Automation Landscape

What do these changes mean? Join ZeroNorth’s DevSecOps experts Dan Beauregard and Joanne Godfrey for a chat on what’s really going on in the AppSec automation space—how these changes will impact your AppSec program and risk posture, your development processes and your business—and why!

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Are you getting the visibility you need? Give us data from 3 AppSec tools, and we'll give you detailed insights and actionable intelligence on your AppSec risk so you can zero in on problems quickly and easily.

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IDC Report: ZeroNorth Brings End-to-End Clarity to Application Security

3rd-party perspective: AppSec complexity causes DevOps teams to struggle with too many sources of security information, resulting in a lack of visibility into security risk exposure. This report profiles the ZeroNorth application security automation and orchestration platform and how it addresses this challenge.

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What is the ZeroNorth Platform?

ZeroNorth brings security, DevOps and business teams together to improve application security performance and reduce organizational risk.

The ZeroNorth application security automation and orchestration platform unites enterprises to rapidly identify, prioritize and remove the vulnerabilities standing in the way of software excellence.

The ZeroNorth Platform

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“The ZeroNorth platform offers a significant return on investment by optimizing other security tool investments, expanding the scanning portfolio, and maximizing time-to-value.”

SC Magazine, June 2020 Read More

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