How a Healthcare Technology Leader Unlocked the Secret to Exceptional Patient Care

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Dec 1, 2020

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Technology is transforming the way healthcare organizations deliver patient care. As people continue to hold their providers to a higher standard, the software behind the business is expected to achieve the same, if not more. In this customer case study with a large healthcare technology company, it becomes clear how one missing piece in their application security program can severely affect an entire product line. In this particular case, we are talking about the lives of real people. But since finding ZeroNorth, the security team of this organization has been able to solve these important hurdles and move forward doing what they do best—providing excellent patient care.

Industry experts estimate the healthcare industry will suffer two to three times more cyberattacks than other sectors in 2021.[1] Meanwhile, the average cost of a healthcare breach is $7.13 million per incident, higher than any other industry.[2]

Since finding ZeroNorth, the security team of this healthcare technology has unified its application security approach to effectively:

Finding the Missing Piece of their Application Security Program

With tens of thousands of employees worldwide, this healthcare technology customer develops and markets diagnostic solutions used by professionals at medical facilities around the world. It’s no small business, and the Application Security Officer was tasked with overseeing four product lines that comprised a cloud platform and myriad healthcare applications. His team’s application security tools had grown cumbersome, and they struggled with a way to successfully manage them all, not to mention find actionable results in the reams of scan data.

It was time for a new approach. For an organization with an expectation of complete product security and customer privacy, not to mention a need to meet stringent HIPAA, GDPR and US DoD compliance requirements, the need for robust application security was critical.

Scale the AppSec Program Without the Overhead

ZeroNorth is used daily by this organization’s application security champions, composed of engineers and architects from development teams. It allows them to initiate and manage scanning directly from within their CI/CD pipelines so development teams can keep coding fast while scanning for vulnerabilities and remediating them.

With unprecedented visibility, ease of use and efficiency benefits, the ZeroNorth platform is helping the organization “deliver better quality products to market.”

Read the full customer success story and learn how your team can build a road to excellent software. Watch more ZeroNorth in action or feel free to contact us.

[1] Source: 2020-2021 Healthcare Cybersecurity Report
[2] Source: 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report

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