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Jul 15, 2021

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Bugs and flaws in software are common and unavoidable. In fact, about 84%[1] of software breaches happen at the application layer, which means organizations looking to build secure software must use at least a handful of application security (AppSec) scanning tools to test their code—from code commit to build to deployment.

However, with so many assets waiting to be scanned, these AppSec testing (AST) tools produce massive amounts of vulnerability data, all with varying formats and naming conventions. Coupled with the fact that AST tools are growing in number, it’s no surprise that developers are often overwhelmed by the hefty amount of vulnerabilities to fix—especially when there is no way to prioritize them by criticality.

As a result, DevOps teams must slow down their work and delay their releases to manage these tools and data, all while serious and business-threatening vulnerabilities are ignored or missed completely. What they need is a way to invoke AST tools within their DevOps pipelines using a strategy that makes sense of security findings, so vulnerabilities can be addressed without slowing down software development. What developers need is visibility.


To effectively manage risk within an AppSec program, organizations must find the right type of data, information pulled from detailed metrics. ZeroNorth DevSecOps Analytics & Reporting provides this type of visibility for both DevOps and AppSec teams by bringing together results from SAST, DAST and SCA scans. These analytics centralize, normalize and correlate different scan results to ensure security issues are properly identified—quickly and without hang-ups.

Moreover, these security metrics offer roll-up reports, including granular assessment, to help users prioritize remediation efforts. And in the case of a breach, these analytics can determine the source of the problem for forensic analysis. Equally as valuable is the visibility that comes through strong analytics and reporting. This type of AppSec visibility allows CISOs and other practitioners to:

  • identify scanning problems
  • locate gaps in their AppSec program
  • visualize and manage organizational risk
  • isolate the weakest points in their overall security posture

Engineering and corporate leaders can use this comprehensive, real-time view to sync up on the best operational decisions for the business. And these decisions can then be communicated effectively to other parties, such as executives and the Board, in an easily consumable format. This ability takes the guesswork out of organizational risk assessment and enables businesses to build and manage a consistent, scalable security governance program—on an enterprise, business or application level.


The ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform with broad AST tool support can help organizations improve their AppSec visibility using robust analytics and reporting to manage risk, all while bolstering enterprise governance and accountability. These robust metrics are built into our dashboard to deliver a single source of truth on risk, thereby improving software security and quality.

To find out more about ZeroNorth DevSecOps Analytics & Reporting for better visibility and insight, contact us anytime or visit our website.







[1] 10 Types of AppSec Testing Tools: When and How to Use Them

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