Mind the (Security) Gap: Integrate and Automate Multiple Tools for a Complete View of Security

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Apr 5, 2018

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Sal Sclafani

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We are constantly bombarded with the importance of cybersecurity. There are hackers and crackers attacking continuously, attempting to exploit vulnerabilities that are unfortunately an integral part of every software and hardware system. This all makes it even more important to be able to confidently and accurately answer “How secure are we?”

To effectively answer this question, there is a critical need for tools that accurately assess vulnerabilities continually and provide visibility into a company’s security posture. There are many different security assessment tools in the market today, both commercial and open source. Which one is the best for you? Many organizations have a false sense of security when running just one scanning tool.  But while vendors may have you believe differently, no single tool is capable of finding each and every vulnerability that exists in your network or web applications.


False Sense of Security
Let’s take a real-world example of testing we just preformed for a customer. Using the ZeroNorth™ platform, we orchestrated the same scans against a combination of open source and commercial tools. The tools returned 90 percent of the same results. The 10 percent gap was due to a difference in their knowledge bases. The quality of the product’s internal knowledge base is really the most critical aspect of any vulnerability scanning tool and something not typically addressed when evaluating tools. Security assessment tools out there today all depend on very different knowledge bases, which means they can return very different results for the same scan.

No single tool, therefore, is capable of finding each and every vulnerability that exists in an environment. As we saw in our testing, each of the different tools gets you almost all the way there but not completely. Using multiple tools can address this, but this approach doesn’t effectively report and manage the disparate findings without manual correlation and analysis by your application security team.

Integrate Commercial and Open Source Tools for Comprehensive View
The ZeroNorth™ platform solves this challenge and optimizes the investment of your application security tooling. Our platform integrates with and automates the commercial and open source tools you already have in place. In addition, the platform has a vulnerability analytics capability which continually polls the CVE Details and NIST’s National Vulnerability Database feeds and correlates with the target application to provide real-time alerts to the security team. ZeroNorth returns results based on a complete security posture versus just the assessment of just one tool. You get all the internal product knowledge bases from multiple vulnerability scanning tools in one correlated view. Then you can generate reports that truly have the most complete information regarding the security of your software and hardware.

You can read here how our customer Cytobank eliminated gaps, reduced risk and is able to stay on top of any issues as they surface. Or contact us if you’d like a demo or discussion.

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