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Need an AppSec Program Fast? Get with the Platform!

By Joanne Godfrey Jun 3, 2021

With software now at the heart of both business and life, the need for application security (AppSec) has never been more critical. If your software is ...

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Vulnerability Correlation

What is Application Vulnerability Correlation and Why Does it Matter?

By ZeroNorth May 28, 2021

As applications become more complex, and attack vectors grow more sophisticated, the critical importance of comprehensive software security testing emerges. These days, application testing has become ...

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Find Out What We Learned This Year at DevOps Connect: DevSecOps

By ZeroNorth May 25, 2021

Hopefully, you were able to join us this year at DevOps Connect: DevSecOps @RSAC 2021! Even though the theme of this year’s virtual summit was Securing the ...

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Introducing Rapid Integration Connector: A New Solution for AppSec Tools

By ZeroNorth May 19, 2021

Anyone working to stand up or build out a robust AppSec program understands the ongoing need for security scanning tool integrations. Practitioners rely on a “garden ...

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What is AppSec? The Challenges and Rewards

By ZeroNorth May 14, 2021

The definition of application security (AppSec) is found in the name itself. It consists of the process and tools used for securing the application software that ...

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What is DevSecOps? Everything You Need to Know on the What, Why & When

By ZeroNorth May 13, 2021

The most basic definition of DevSecOps is found in the abbreviation itself. As a combination of development, security and operations, the term DevSecOps is about ensuring ...

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AppSec Risk Visibility

You Can Now Simplify Business Decisions with DevSecOps Analytics and Reporting

By ZeroNorth May 11, 2021

Across all industries, organizations looking to succeed today must address the integrity of their software. Developing and deploying quality applications is now a foundational business effort, ...

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Application Security

ZeroNorth Joins Veracode’s Technology Alliance Program

By ZeroNorth May 10, 2021

Companies looking to extend the power of better application security (AppSec) just received some good news! Veracode, the largest global provider of application security testing (AST) ...

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ZeroNorth’s DevSecOps Platform Makes Another Journey Around the Sun!

By ZeroNorth Apr 29, 2021

Happy second birthday to ZeroNorth! Today marks two years of our ongoing dedication to helping organizations build and maintain successful application security programs. By furthering the ...

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Application Security

How DevSecOps Analytics & Reporting Can Help You Hit 3 Key Goals

By ZeroNorth Mar 23, 2021

With information comes power. The same holds true for the security initiatives we stand up. To gain the most value from an enterprise application security (AppSec) ...

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Three doors

Application Security

3 Simple Reasons Why Developers Should Become Security Advocates

By ZeroNorth Mar 16, 2021

If you’re a developer, it’s time to embrace security, not for the higher-ups or the tenacious CISO—but for yourself. Because at the heart of any successful ...

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Don’t Miss This Roundtable Panel Discussion—Security with Velocity: Securing DevOps to Accelerate Product Delivery

By ZeroNorth Mar 8, 2021

Here at ZeroNorth, we know digital transformation initiatives are accelerating faster than ever, which means companies are now rushing to deliver their software products both quickly—and ...

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The ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform offers options for your DevSecOps journey—getting started with AppSec, finding enterprise visibility or fully integrating security into DevOps.