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Continuous Security

Are Quality and Security Synonymous in Software?

By ZeroNorth Jul 14, 2020

Defining quality within software is a work in progress. It’s also a process of evolution, particularly in the way the notion of quality relates to security. ...

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Week Four Featuring Research From Forrester: See Why Secure DevOps is the Future of Speed

By ZeroNorth Jul 7, 2020

In Forrester’s recent “The State Of Application Security, 2020” report, analysts confirm what many security professionals already know from daily experience—the speed of software development is ...

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Continuous Security

Bidpath Leads by Example and Avoids These 4 Security Pitfalls

By ZeroNorth Jun 30, 2020

There’s no debate. Application security is a must. However, delivering vulnerability-free software at speed and scale isn’t easy. Just ask Francis Juliano, CTO at Bidpath, one ...

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DevSecOps Quick Start

Week Three Featuring Research From Forrester: How to Make Open Source Software Work For You

By ZeroNorth Jun 26, 2020

Open source software (OSS) continues to grow in popularity and remains a key part of application development. The advantages of using open source code are fairly ...

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Continuous Security

Spotlight on the Cold, Hard Facts of Application Security

By ZeroNorth Jun 24, 2020

From security threats to compliance regulations to recognizing what businesses and the overall economy are going to look like in a post-COVID era, staying aware of ...

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AppSec Risk Visibility

Week Two Featuring Research From Forrester: What Happens When Application Security Becomes Continuous?

By ZeroNorth Jun 17, 2020

How secure are the software applications within your organization? Think about it. Were they fully secure a month ago? How about yesterday? Maybe you’re not sure. ...

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Continuous Security

Sick and Tired of Struggling With Application Security?

By ZeroNorth Jun 14, 2020

A recent report from analyst firm ESG highlighted the following statistic: 61% of organizations only secure half of their applications with some form of testing tool, ...

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Week One Featuring Research From Forrester: It’s Never Too Early in Development for Application Security

By ZeroNorth Jun 10, 2020

Forrester recently analyzed the current application security landscape, along with the program plans of global organizations for the next 12 months. Their independent research report, The ...

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It’s Time to Stop Waiting for Application Security to Find You

By ZeroNorth Jun 5, 2020

If software is the gooey center of the business world, what can we do to harden it? As a CISO, business manager, industry professional or anyone ...

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What Does Successful Vulnerability Discovery Look Like?

By ZeroNorth Jun 4, 2020

If you’re developing software, you need quality assurance (QA) and you need a way to manage vulnerability discovery. These are two distinctly different streams. QA focuses ...

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Announcing DevSecCon24 2020: You Can Join In From Home!

By ZeroNorth May 29, 2020

Right now, live events may be on hold or canceled altogether, but that’s not stopping the DevSecOps community from gathering remotely. We’re heading to DevSecCon24 2020 ...

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Do You Know The True Cost of Your Vulnerability Discovery Program?

By ZeroNorth May 14, 2020

You know the story. Software is running the world, which means everyone who is developing and delivering it must work towards making sure it’s secure. And ...

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