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Jun 24, 2020

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From security threats to compliance regulations to recognizing what businesses and the overall economy are going to look like in a post-COVID era, staying aware of cybersecurity risks—and more specifically, application security—is not only a full-time job. It’s an ongoing job with constantly shifting parameters and concerns.

That said, facts are facts. Data breaches are growing in both frequency and scope. More than 9,100 data breaches, containing more than 10.4 billion exposed records have been made public since 2005, and, according to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime will cost the global economy $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015. Heightening these issues is the continued cybersecurity skills shortage on top of an increasingly interconnected world. Applications are growing, software has changed the way we work and live—and people expect the applications they use to be secure. Full stop.

While the pandemic has made many of our 2020 predictions cloudy at best, it doesn’t take an expert to predict there are going to be some serious security issues in our future. Getting prepared means asking the right questions and bracing to expect the unexpected.

Key Questions with Tricky Answers

Am I secure? Am I compliant? Understanding today’s security landscape, and your place in it, involves asking tough questions about the state of your digital preparedness. These include:

  • Am I set up for growth?
  • Is my software secure?
  • Do I need to sacrifice security for speed?
  • If I’m compliant, am I secure?
  • What types of technology tools do I have? Do I have too few, or do I have too many?

None of these questions have easy answers. This means part of your preparation will involve defining your approach to software security, one that guarantees success. Unfortunately, this challenge only leads to more questions. And you’ll need to confidently answer them:

  1. When new applications and capabilities are rolled out, how is security addressed?
  2. Is cyber resilience considered throughout the software development process?
  3. Is there a consistent methodology for validating the security of new applications?

The Place to Start

All of these questions are essentially about figuring out how to use your time wisely. You will need to prioritize security through a firm understanding of the problems that impact your organization the most and create and codify a methodology to facilitate the vulnerability management process.

Orchestrating security scanning tools is what allows security teams with limited bandwidth to refocus their effort and skills on more business-critical priorities, while their companies rapidly scale the security of new applications and infrastructure to meet modern demands. The orchestration process not only allows you to pump all of your nerve data into one place, it empowers you to find the skills and techniques necessary to make sense of the evolving digital landscape.

For more information on these critical questions and how risk-based vulnerability orchestration can help, be sure to check our whitepaper, What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Data Breach.





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