With Vulnerability Management, Proactive and Continuous is the New Black: at Tenable Edge

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Feb 26, 2018

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Tenable is holding its inaugural user conference—Tenable Edge—March 6-9 in LA. ZeroNorth is proud to be a conference sponsor and a newly added partner to the Tenable ecosystem. As this is Tenable’s first conference there is a lot of anticipation, tempered with “what should attendees expect?”

The sold out agenda reflects what’s top-of-mind with security professionals, with a heavy emphasis (no surprise from Tenable) on vulnerability management. Some *must see* talks include:

  • Tenable’s session on “Vulnerability Trends and Prioritization Techniques,”
  • Guardian Life’s Greg Kyrytschenko on “DevOps to Take Vulnerability Management to the Next Level” and;
  • The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ session “What Happens in Vegas: Near Real-Time Vulnerability Visibility.”

It is great to see this conference come together for Tenable users and partners.  

Proactive and Continuous
From our perspective, the emphasis should be on early detection and fast remediation of vulnerabilities and total visibility of application security posture. Organizations are still struggling with getting their arms around vulnerability management because they likely have not yet adopted a continuous approach to security. The ZeroNorth platform centralizes all testing, analytics and enables fast remediation before applications are released – and expose risk to organizations and customers.  

ZeroNorth’s partnership with Tenable enables our joint customers a single view into their application security posture, continuously. Stop by the ZeroNorth table at Tenable Edge to learn more about the our platform and our integration with Tenable.io. If you’d like to schedule time to meet with our team, including our Director of Engineering Andrei Bezdedeanu, just reach out to us here.



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