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May 10, 2021

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Companies looking to extend the power of better application security (AppSec) just received some good news! Veracode, the largest global provider of application security testing (AST) solutions, recently announced new partnership opportunities through its Technology Alliance Program (TAP). TAP aims to optimize how adjacent technology providers can leverage the benefits of Veracode’s solutions to deliver an integrated experience, making it easier for joint customers to codify security into their development processes and deliver secure software faster.

In keeping with our slogan, “For the good of software,” ZeroNorth has joined forces with Veracode through TAP to extend the benefits of AppSec to help customers innovate, develop and deploy secure software with confidence while reducing organizational risk and improving team productivity.

The ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform can centrally orchestrate Veracode’s AppSec scanning tools along with those a customer may have deployed. In addition, across Veracode and other tools, ZeroNorth can automatically manage and unify the vulnerability data, making it usable and operational for security and development teams. Using the ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform, security, development and business executives can gain critical visibility into their overall security posture, as well as a common framework for understanding and managing risk.

As an ongoing proponent of better software quality and security, ZeroNorth applauds this opportunity to strengthen our own technology integrations and partnerships while continually helping our joint customers to deliver secure software at scale. As an enthusiastic partner of Veracode’s TAP, we will continue to promote the need for companies to leverage these critical AppSec solutions, to protect the software supply chain and ensure organizational data stays secure.

ZeroNorth brings security, DevOps and business teams together to improve application security performance and reduce organizational risk. With the ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform, enterprises can rapidly identify, prioritize and remove the vulnerabilities standing in the way of software excellence. To find out more about our partnership with Veracode or how we can help your security, DevOps and business teams improve application security performance and reduce organizational risk, feel free to contact us.


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