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Apr 29, 2021

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Happy second birthday to ZeroNorth! Today marks two years of our ongoing dedication to helping organizations build and maintain successful application security programs. By furthering the work of innovation developed over time, ZeroNorth has continued to expand and grow, essentially changing the way businesses think about key areas of security like DevSecOps, AppSec automation and orchestration, enterprise AppSec analytics and the need for a shared model of security responsibility among Security and DevOps professionals.

Our Year

Despite the craziness of 2020 and its unprecedented effect on industry and commerce, ZeroNorth has emerged more united than ever under the banner of better, safer software for all. From financial services to medical technology, applications being built today must be secure—and protected from the ongoing risk of compromise. At ZeroNorth, we are proud to say we take this challenge seriously, not just on our birthday, but every day of the year. As a testament to this, we have been hard at work for the past 12 months, continually enhancing our capabilities to provide a single source of truth on AppSec risk to help business, security and engineering leaders focus their efforts more effectively on security.

Just two months into 2021, we have made significant enhancements to our reporting capabilities, announcing the release of our DevSecOps Analytics and Reporting in February of this year. Delivered via a set of robust dashboards and reports, complete with granular details, ZeroNorth has found a way to bring actionable, contextual visibility and insight on AppSec health to both security and development teams. With this insight, business, security and engineering leaders can identify where to focus, prioritize and direct their resources to better:

  • Assess AppSec Risk
  • Drive DevSecOps
  • Enable Good Business Decisions
  • Determine Accountability
  • Communicate Findings

Our People

Most important among our annual accomplishments here at ZeroNorth are the excellent relationships we have fostered with our customers, partners and employees. None of our success would be possible without them. In just a year, we have increased our momentum by adding to our growing list of customers, partnering with leading security brands and bringing on more dedicated professionals to our own team than ever before.

As we celebrate this birthday, past successes and the exciting road ahead, we are grateful to the security community and all the creative and innovative minds on our teams for their endless contributions to our development. There’s no doubt, ZeroNorth is “all in” for excellent software and looking ahead to another bright year of hard work and real accomplishment.

To learn more about ZeroNorth or how our DevSecOps platform can help your organization take charge of application security with less cost and complexity, feel free to contact us for more information. And make sure to check out out this short video celebration!

ZeroNorth Birthday from ZeroNorth on Vimeo.

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