Field Engineer

Boston (Preferred)

General Responsibilities:

The Field Engineer, reporting to the CTO, is responsible for directly supporting Sales Engineers/Solution Architects with PoCs, Implementation Trials and post-sale implementations. While the field engineer interacts with customers directly, their principal mode of operation is to work alongside the SE/SA to either solve challenges themselves or serve as liaison to development when necessary. The FE works closely with Sales Engineers, to understand the challenges and constraints of customer environments, as well as the capabilities and caveats of our platform and solution.

The Field Engineers proactively leads any tactical product management necessary to address bugs or platform feature requests and advocate actively for customer-facing capability in Product Management discussions. When not supporting the sales process or implementations, SE self-direct continuous improvement in client facing CLI-tools, CI/CD plugins, and technology partner integrations. FEs own the ZeroNorth knowledge base and platform training.

FEs are measured on their ability to maintain SLAs on time-to-value for SEs as well as effectiveness (rate of definition and closure of tickets in units of developer work).

Specific Responsibilities:

A Field Engineer is:

  • A service-oriented partner and collaborator with Sales Engineers/Solution Architects;
  • Responsible for overcoming PoC challenges and maintaining SLA on time-to-value;
  • Thoroughly experienced in platform capabilities, limitations and idiosyncrasies;
  • Driver and stakeholder in Product Management activities;
  • Continual learner, for CI/CD tool management, and vulnerability discovery tool operation;
  • Author/maintainer of scripts and utilities for platform configuration and use;

A Field Engineer is seen both internally and externally as the definitive resource for Subject Matter Expertise on the ZeroNorth platform’s deployment and use, as well as for the configuration, use and triage of those tools with which we integrate. Where necessary, the FE is seen as a means of building consulting-ware to enable customer success.

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