The gap between Security and DevOps is widening and the risk is real. Learn what you can do.


Ponemon Institute Report: Revealing the Cultural Divide Between AppSec and DevOps

Understand the Issue: When AppSec and DevOps teams aren’t aligned on how to deliver secure software capabilities, fast, your organization can be at risk. This study details the cultural divide between AppSec and DevOps teams, and the serious impact such misalignment can have on organizations, including the ability to remain competitive during critical periods of digital transformation.

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Research Report: Security Champions: Empowering Heroes to Unite Security and DevOps

Learn how you can address it: While some Security Champions programs are nascent, this is the model of the future—one that empowers professional superheroes to unite security and DevOps for the betterment of software. The results from this survey of security and development professionals tell us how these programs are working and where success is being found.

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IDC Report: ZeroNorth Brings End-to-End Clarity to Application Security

Find a good solution: AppSec complexity causes DevOps teams to struggle with too many sources of security information, resulting in a lack of visibility into security risk exposure. This report profiles the ZeroNorth application security automation and orchestration platform and how it addresses this challenge.

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What is the ZeroNorth Platform?

ZeroNorth brings security, DevOps and business teams together to improve application security performance and reduce organizational risk.

The ZeroNorth application security automation and orchestration platform unites enterprises to rapidly identify, prioritize and remove the vulnerabilities standing in the way of software excellence.

The ZeroNorth Platform

Learn more about how to bridge the critical divide to power DevSecOps

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30-Minute Workshop: Understand the Hidden Costs of Your AppSec Program

Existing tools and approaches to application security can make tight and seamless integration of AppSec into DevOps a challenge. Core to AppSec programs are security scanning ...

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CISO Perspective: The Economics of Software Quality and Security

Here’s a fact. Higher quality software drives higher productivity. It also lowers the total cost of IT ownership and offers considerable economic benefit to the enterprise, ...

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Federated Responsibility for AppSec: A New Model to Power Secure DevOps

Securing DevOps and minimizing friction between application security and development teams requires a fundamental shift in focus, away from security tools, and toward a shared vision ...

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Guest Blog: The Need to Close the Cultural Divide Between Application Security and Developers

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In this guest blog post, Dr. Larry Ponemon and Susan Jayson of Ponemon Institute discuss the findings of their recent research study, “Revealing the Cultural Divide ...

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"...more than half of developers surveyed say AppSec stifles innovation. On the other hand, 65% of AppSec professional believe developers do not care about securing applications early in the software development life cycle."

The Ponemon Institute Revealing the Cultural Divide Between AppSec and DevOps

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