DevSecOps Analytics and Reporting for a
Single Source of Truth on Your AppSec Risk

The ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform provides advanced AppSec risk analytics via a set of robust dashboards and reports that deliver actionable, contextual visibility and insights on the overall risk and health of the application security program.

Using this insight, business, security and engineering leaders can determine where to focus, prioritize and direct resources to address the highest areas of risk for the business, and enforce accountability.

The ZeroNorth AppSec risk reports include high-level intelligence together with granular details. They are available for the enterprise, and for specific groups, such as business units and application teams.

How do these reports help Security, Engineering and Business leaders?

  • Assess AppSec Risk: Security leaders can get a snapshot of the Top Five AppSec risks, identify problematic trends in scanning, vulnerability creation and remediation, immediately see gaps in the organization’s AppSec program or quickly isolate the weakest points in the security posture.
  • Drive DevSecOps: Security and engineering leaders can use these reports to collaborate and drive DevSecOps processes. They can compare and track vulnerabilities detected and remediated throughout the SDLC or pinpoint vulnerabilities that affect multiple applications and determine the processes and work needed to fix the problem globally. The reports can also help identify any bottlenecks in the DevSecOps process that impact the engineering team’s productivity and determine if any process changes or training is required.
  • Enable Effective Business Decisions: Business leaders can use the reports to assess the overall health and risk of revenue-generating applications and make operational business decisions accordingly.

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