90% of DevOps and IT professionals believe AppSec responsibility will be shared by DevOps and Security within three years.

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According to this new research across 250 global security, DevOps and IT professionals, 90% of DevOps and IT professionals believe AppSec responsibility will be shared by DevOps and Security within three years. This report covers this and other topics including:

  • Challenges and benefits of DevSecOps.
  • Role of leadership in the journey to DevSecOps.
  • Impact of DevOps on organizations’ risk posture.
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Realize true DevSecOps with ZeroNorth

ZeroNorth brings security, DevOps and business teams together to improve application security performance and reduce organizational risk.

With the ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform enterprises can rapidly identify, prioritize and remove the vulnerabilities standing in the way of software excellence.

The ZeroNorth Platform

Ramp Up Your AppSec Program

ZeroNorth DevSecOps Quick Start helps organizations get started on their journey to DevSecOps quickly and cost effectively, with integrated open source AppSec scanning tools, CI/CD pipeline orchestration, and closed-loop vulnerability remediation.

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A Single Source of Truth on Your AppSec Risk

ZeroNorth DevSecOps Analytics & Reporting provides advanced AppSec risk analytics via a set of robust dashboards and reports that deliver actionable, contextual visibility and insights on the overall risk and health of the application security program..

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Integrate & Orchestrate AppSec within DevOps Pipelines

ZeroNorth DevSecOps Enterprise powers enterprise DevSecOps by orchestrating continuous AppSec scanning into DevOps pipelines and prioritizing remediation for developers.

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“…while 76% of developers and engineers believe DevOps will own AppSec within three years, only 56% of AppSec professionals agree.”

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