On-Demand Webinar

Zerto Gains One Source of Truth for Risk, Compliance & Vulnerability Management

Securing the value stream is becoming a priority for most organizations. Validating the security posture of the companies who supply technology is now standard business practice. IT Resilience platform provider Zerto has over 6,000 customers across more than 70 countries. It’s critical that they ship secure software and have a continuous view of risk and compliance to ensure they meet customer and regulatory requirements. Additionally, Zerto has a very dynamic development environment with over 200 engineers, 12 different sites and over 100 different SaaS services. They work in a true CI/CD environment and their infrastructure changes daily, so they have to be agile.

In this webinar, learn from Zerto’s SVP of Product and its CISO how using the ZeroNorth security orchestration platform allows them to:

  • Consolidate disparate tools to achieve “one source of the truth” of security posture.
  • Identify and remediate critical vulnerabilities quickly to meet internal SLAs.
  • Ensure the compliance audit process is accomplished more efficiently and is ready for future growth.