What is the ZeroNorth Platform?

ZeroNorth brings security, DevOps and business teams together to improve application security performance and reduce organizational risk.The ZeroNorth application security automation and orchestration platform unites enterprises to rapidly identify, prioritize and remove the vulnerabilities standing in the way of software excellence

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Automation & Orchestration of AppSec Tools for Continuous, Scalable Scanning Throughout the SDLC

 ZeroNorth centrally orchestrates and automatically manages all application security tools to deliver consistent, efficient and scalable scanning throughout the SDLC.

To facilitate this, ZeroNorth seamlessly integrates with the leading commercial and open source application and infrastructure vulnerability scanning tools. Many open source scanning tools are even embedded within the ZeroNorth platform and are ready to run out-of-the-box. So, with ZeroNorth you can kick off your AppSec program using open source tools, and then quickly and easily swap out, supplement or scale tools as technology and business needs evolve, or when more budget for tool licenses becomes available.

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Seamless Integration with DevOps Pipelines without Disrupting Workflows

ZeroNorth enables organizations to easily build security governance into their DevOps processes, without disrupting DevOps workflows. ZeroNorth sits on top of the SDLC, seamlessly connecting with DevOps toolchains, while instrumenting application security scanning tools.

With ZeroNorth application security scanning is now an integral part of the DevOps process, enabling more frequent scanning throughout the SDLC—eliminating the need for developers to learn and maintain new tools.

By enabling application security scanning at the speed of DevOps, the ZeroNorth platform helps make application security transparent for developers. It eliminates the security friction points that hurt pipeline velocity and empowers developers to deliver higher quality code, faster.

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“The ZeroNorth platform offers a significant return on investment by optimizing other security tool investments, expanding the scanning portfolio, and maximizing time-to-value.”

– SC Magazine, June 2020. Read the full product review >>

Vulnerability Data Ingestion for a Comprehensive Long-Term View of AppSec

ZeroNorth automatically ingests all data from the application security scanning tools, as well as historical scanning data files or findings from external scanning tools.

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Centralized Scan Results in One Central Place

ZeroNorth aggregates all scanning data in one central place for complete, consistent, long-term visibility into application security vulnerabilities and risk.This data is not contingent upon a specific build, workspace or data availability. So, if a vulnerability needs to be fixed retroactively, all the necessary information is readily available within ZeroNorth. This means the developer does not need to spend time and effort attempting to recreate a development environment that has long since changed.

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Data Refinement and Noise Reduction to Simplify Remediation

Application security scanning tools generate vast amounts of disparate vulnerability data—often with different taxonomies, formats or naming conventions etc. This makes it nearly impossible to make sense of it all and figure out where the vulnerabilities are, which ones will be present in the deployed application, which ones are truly critical and should be prioritized for remediation.

ZeroNorth automatically normalizes all the scanning data into a common risk framework and dedupes, aggregates and compresses related issues to minimize noise and make vulnerability data useable and useful for developers. Through the data refinement process, ZeroNorth can compress thousands of issues into a concise list. This capability drastically reduces the number of vulnerabilities developers need to resolve, making it far easier and simpler to triage, prioritize and fix them. As part of this process, ZeroNorth correlates static code analysis results (SCA and SAST) to dynamic assessment results and filters out inconsequential flaws in the code, so developers can focus on remediating vulnerabilities that will actually impact the application in production. ZeroNorth even includes a trail to the source code where developers should begin remediation work.

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Streamlined Remediation Tickets in a Developer-Friendly Format

Following the data refinement process, ZeroNorth automatically generates tickets for the remediation work needed, including the streamlined data, in a developer-friendly format, prioritized by criticality.

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Defect Tracking & Notification to Simplify Workflows

ZeroNorth seamlessly integrates with defect tracking systems such as Jira as well as email, ChatOps and other notification solutions—making it easy to streamline the management, routing and tracking of remediation tickets using familiar tools developers work with every day.

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Application Risk Analytics & Reporting for a Single Source of Truth on Your AppSec Program

ZeroNorth includes a set of robust dashboards and reports to deliver actionable, contextual visibility and insights on the overall risk and health of the application security program, from the big picture to the granular details on vulnerabilities for each application and its entities. These reports provide business, security and engineering leaders with the information needed to make informed business and operational decisions based on a comprehensive, consistent and real-time view of security and risk.

Through these reports you can, for example, immediately see critical gaps in your AppSec program or isolate the weakest points in the application security posture, giving you the information you need to prioritize remediation work based on risk and business impact. You can measure software quality or easily pinpoint vulnerabilities that affect multiple applications and then determine if any systemic work or developer training is needed to fix the root of these problems early in the SDLC to prevent them from recurring in the future. You can also track progress of remediation work, the engineering teams’ productivity and much more.

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Comprehensive API to Integrate with any BI and Visualization Tool

ZeroNorth’s API gives you the flexibility to leverage the platform’s data externally in any way you want, such as integrating ZeroNorth with your BI and visualization tools of choice to generate reports that support your organization’s specific needs.

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Central Management to Ensure Consistent Security Standards Across the Organization

You can centrally manage your AppSec program through ZeroNorth –including all the scanning tools, activities and policies – thereby ensuring that corporate standards for security are maintained consistently across all development teams. For example, you can define policies that schedule and execute specific scans within DevOps pipelines, automatically escalate or suppress specific vulnerability types based on risk profiles and business considerations, alert when certain vulnerabilities are detected or events occur and much more.

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