Learn how you can help security keep pace with development, prioritize remediation based on business risk and manage your costs of vulnerability discovery.

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How is ZeroNorth different?

Only the ZeroNorth “mission control” platform lets you orchestrate a consistent vulnerability discovery and remediation program, deliver application risk visibility and assurance, improve the value of existing scanning tools and help you move forward from any point in your journey to secure DevOps. With ZeroNorth, you can create a closed-loop, “discovery and remediation” process across your organization. Read about our newest capabilities to help you better manage business risk and drive security into DevOps. 

With ZeroNorth, organizations have a closed-loop, “discovery and remediation” process across their organization.

Reduce security costs & manual effort

  • Centralize software & infrastructure testing tool admin
  • Reduce staffing requirements and cost by 3-5x
  • Simplify tool comparison
  • Improve results with consistent, automated testing

The ZeroNorth platform delivers risk visibility & operations, centralized testing administration and actionable risk intelligence.

Leverage actionable vulnerability data

  • Get actionable risk intelligence
  • Speed rate of remediation by prioritizing risks based on business impact
  • Minimize “noise” by correlating and de-duping vulnerabilities
  • Align sec, dev and ops with a single source of risk and vulnerability intelligence matched to business priorities

See the true cost of your vulnerability discovery program.

Manage IT risk through program intelligence

  • Real-time situational awareness across the business
  • A standards-based risk management framework (e.g. OWASP)
  • Board-level business risk reporting with drill down to cause
  • Metrics to measure Internal Rate of Detection (IRD) and Internal Rate of Remediation (IRR)

Gain holistic, continuous visibility into your application security risk via consolidated dashboards

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Accelerate your secure DevOps program

  • Get a normalized view of all detected issues
  • Correlate between static and dynamic vulnerabilities
  • Results are prioritized by risks to your business

Understand: “Is my organization’s risk posture improving?”

Which apps contribute the most risk?

Are remediations overcoming introduction/discovery of new vulnerabilities?

What coverage of my app portfolio and lifecycle do I have?

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