“The ZeroNorth platform offers a significant return on investment by optimizing other security tool investments, expanding the scanning portfolio, and maximizing time-to-value.”

– SC Magazine, June 2020. Read the full product review >>

What is ZeroNorth?

ZeroNorth brings security, DevOps and business teams together to improve application security performance and reduce organizational risk.

The ZeroNorth application security automation and orchestration platform unites enterprises to rapidly identify, prioritize and remove the vulnerabilities standing in the way of software excellence.

The ZeroNorth Platform (Click to enlarge.)

Software Needs Structure

We maintain enterprise standards

ZeroNorth enables security, DevOps and business leaders to innovate with confidence by activating unified standards, policies and analytics that power continuous risk and compliance enforcement.

Software Thrives on Speed

We accelerate pipeline velocity

ZeroNorth empowers security and product teams to accelerate application delivery by orchestrating the continuous discovery and remediation of vulnerabilities throughout the development lifecycle.

Software Takes Focus

We unburden your developers

ZeroNorth makes application security programs transparent and friction free for developers so they can meet corporate standards without changing their workflows or being flooded with non-priority tickets.

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Make the right business decisions based on an accurate view of application risk

Executive dashboard provides a holistic, continuous view of risk across the application portfolio, pinpoints the riskiest applications and identifies key gaps in the security posture.  Read more >

Accelerate application delivery through continuous, consistent security scanning

Centrally orchestrate and automatically manage the leading commercial and open source application security scanning tools in one central location. Read more >

Gain deep contextual insights into vulnerabilities and application risk

Get a complete, consistent 360-degree view of application risk – from the big picture to the granular details – while surfacing persistent patterns and problems. Read more >

Generate actionable data for developers to simplify remediation processes

Automatically normalizes scanning findings into a common risk framework, eliminates duplicates, while aggregating and compressing findings to minimize noise and deliver streamlined tickets for developers.  Read more >

Build security into development processes, without disrupting DevOps workflows

Works with any software development methodology, and seamlessly integrates with the DevOps toolchain developers use every day to build and deliver code. Read more >

Support internal governance and regulatory compliance requirements

Prepare for application security-related internal governance and regulatory compliance requirements and assess compliance readiness. Read more >

Get robust dashboards, reports and analysis

Gain a single source of truth on the overall health of your application security program, to improve software outcomes and increase business possibilities. Read more >

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