The ZeroNorth Platform

Gain deep contextual insights into vulnerabilities and application risk

Get a holistic view of all vulnerabilities across your application portfolio.

ZeroNorth provides a 360-degree view of application vulnerabilities and risk, while surfacing persistent patterns, trends and problems.

  • Provides a holistic view of vulnerabilities across the application portfolio, including their severity and frequency
  • Allows you to drill down to get granular vulnerability data for each application and its entities
  • Compares vulnerabilities for multiple applications to identify shared attributes and systemic problems
  • Compares results from multiple scanners to assess the accuracy and completeness of each tool’s findings
  • Shows severity overrides or issues that have been ignored to reduce unnecessary noise
  • Supports data-driven discussions and facilitates better collaboration across product, security and development teams around prioritization and timeframes for remediation work, security best practices and developer training, security technologies and much more

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