The ZeroNorth Platform

Streamline scan outputs to generate actionable data and simplify remediation

Correlate static code analysis results to dynamic assessment results, to identify persistent vulnerabilities.

ZeroNorth automatically normalizes scanning data into a common risk framework, and dedupes and aggregates repetitive related issues to minimize noise, such as false positives, and provide streamlined remediation tickets to developers. This process drastically reduces complexity and the effort and time needed to triage problems, and provides a much more accurate picture of application risk.

  • May compress thousands of issues into a handful of tickets for developers, which can then be seamlessly inserted into the engineering toolchain
  • Correlates static code analysis results (SCA and SAST) to dynamic assessment results so developers can focus on vulnerabilities that will actually impact application security in production
  • Provides a breadcrumb trail to the source code where developers should begin remediation work for a dynamic vulnerability
  • You can define rulesets that govern the escalation or suppression of a vulnerability type, such as a false positive, and/or create alerts when certain vulnerabilities are detected or events occur
  • Helps prioritize remediation work based on business objectives and risk

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