Best Practices for Driving Software Quality through a Federated Application Security Responsibility Model

For DevSecOps to become a reality there must be a fundamental shift in mindset and approach to application security (AppSec) – moving from ownership solely within corporate security to a federated, shared model of responsibility that spans both security and software engineering teams.

In this webinar, ZeroNorth’s Thaddeus Walsh and Joanne Godfrey discuss some of the real-life challenges security teams face as they seek to implement a federated AppSec responsibility model and will offer some practical advice to help address these challenges.

This webinar covers

  • Why a centralized control model for AppSec no longer works in today’s software-defined world
  • The vision, core requirements and value of a federated responsibility model for AppSec
  • The challenges of implementing this model in real life
  • Architecting the model for a successful implementation
  • Best practice for empowering developers to implement security throughout the SDLC
  • Creating a friction free collaborative working relationship between security and engineering

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