Peer Perspective: The State of DevSecOps

True DevSecOps offers the promise to transform the way organizations deliver software, but for most the journey has just begun. ZeroNorth recently surveyed 250 security and DevOps professionals to understand the state of their DevSecOps programs—and the outlook going forward. In this session, ZeroNorth DevSecOps Evangelist Dan Beauregard and Vice President Dave Howell discuss the findings of this research, as well as best practices identified, covering topics including:

  • The challenges of integrating true DevSecOps across Security, Development & Ops
  • Who “owns” DevSecOps
  • The expected benefits for Security, DevOps and the business overall

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The ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform offers options for your DevSecOps journey—getting started with AppSec, needing enterprise AppSec visibility or to fully integrate AppSec into DevOps.