“ZeroNorth establishes a governance model that parallels the DevOps pipeline and automates and orchestrates the entire vulnerability management process.”

– SC Magazine, June 2020. Read the full product review. 

Secure DevOps

Development teams are embracing agile and iterative development and deployment models such as DevOps to support extremely rapid release cycles and meet the demands of digital and business transformation.

Traditionally, application security testing is extraneous to DevOps; it breaks the flow and agility of the DevOps process creating friction between security and development teams. While many development teams today acknowledge the inherent value of application security testing, they are not incentivized to undertake it. Their mandate is to produce software within very tight timeframes. Moreover, in practical terms, development teams do not have an easy way to plow through unwieldy amounts of application security findings and make sense of them, in order to pinpoint and fix critical security vulnerabilities during their sprints.

As a result, organizations today are releasing insecure software into production. This leaves them, and their customers, exposed to breaches and compliance violations, not to mention the costs, legal issues and reputational damage that comes with it.

How ZeroNorth Enables DevSecOps

With the ZeroNorth application security automation and orchestration platform, organizations no longer need to choose between development velocity and security. ZeroNorth makes application security programs transparent and friction free for developers so they can meet corporate standards without changing their workflows or being flooded with non-priority tickets.

ZeroNorth does this by seamlessly embedding application security scanning within existing and familiar DevOps toolchains and processes, making security an integral part of application development—not separate from it. And with its automation and orchestration capabilities, ZeroNorth removes the complexity of managing application scanning tools and their findings to provide developers with the actionable data they need to quickly and easily remediate vulnerabilities within existing DevOps processes.

Top Benefits of ZeroNorth for DevSecOps

  • Empower DevOps teams to meet development and security requirements without impeding productivity or changing existing workflows
  • Improve application security and quality by leveraging built-in automation to scan code for vulnerabilities early and often, when it’s far easier and less costly to remediate
  • Speed remediation by providing developers with actionable application security data, prioritized by business risk considerations
  • Improve productivity by empowering developers to own the execution of application security scanning
  • Remove friction and facilitate better collaboration and communication between development and security
  • Get real-time visibility with contextual insights to make informed business decisions around application risk, and communicate effectively with executives

Top Features of ZeroNorth for DevSecOps

ZeroNorth integrates with processes and DevOps toolchain, developers use every day to build and deliver code.

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