“ZeroNorth can help by not only consolidating both scan results and fixes, but by evaluating the tools themselves to make sure they are doing their jobs and not ignoring critical sections of the enterprise environment.”

– CSO Magazine, June 2020. Read the full product review >>

Centralize and Automate AppSec Management 

Security staff work with many application security scanning tools throughout the different stages of the software delivery life cycle (SDLC), such as SCA, SAST, container management, DAST, network scanning and cloud configuration tools. Yet they have no way to centrally manage these tools, which leads to inconsistent and/or inadequate scanning. Nor do Security staff have a way to sift through all the findings these tools produce to figure out what’s related, what’s a priority for developers to fix, or to gain a meaningful picture of application risk.

As a result, developers are buried under a load of vulnerabilities to remediate, many of which may be duplicates, with no way to prioritize them by what matters most. This slows down development work and delays release cycles, while vulnerabilities are often ignored or missed, and software is deployed with critical, inherent risk.

This untenable situation causes friction across all teams, with security perceived as an inhibitor to development velocity and business productivity. Moreover, the lack of visibility means there’s no way to accurately assess and communicate application risk to executives who then can’t make informed decisions for the business.

How ZeroNorth Centralizes and Automates Application Security Management

The ZeroNorth application security automation and orchestration platform centrally orchestrates application security scanning tools and automatically manages and unifies vulnerability data, making it usable and operational for security and development teams. Using ZeroNorth, security and business executives can gain critical visibility into their overall security posture, as well as a common framework for understanding and managing risk. Meanwhile, developers get streamlined vulnerability findings prioritized by risk, which allows them to remediate what matters most, as an integral part of their DevOps process.

Ultimately, ZeroNorth removes the complexity associated with managing vulnerabilities and helps organizations scale their application security program while improving developer productivity and product quality—all without slowing deployments into production.

Top Benefits of ZeroNorth for Centralizing and Automating Application Security Management

  • Provides common framework for managing risk—removes complexity and reduces the time needed to manage vulnerability data
  • Provides developers with actionable application security findings – improves efficiency and productivity
  • Saves considerable time and effort by compressing thousands of issues into single tickets
  • Delivers consistent scanning across the application portfolio
  • Helps identify and prioritize critical application vulnerabilities impacting the business
  • Provides real-time visibility to make informed business decisions around application risk
  • Works with developers’ tools and processes to remove friction between security and development

Top Features of ZeroNorth for Centralizing and Automating Application Security Management

ZeroNorth correlates static code analysis results to dynamic assessment results, to identify persistent vulnerabilities.

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