Learn how you can accelerate your application security program using open source security scanning tools, embedded in ZeroNorth.

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Rapid Application Security

Organizations building software today face an unenviable situation. They must get their applications into production quickly in order to remain competitive, while also ensuring they are secure—even as the number of vulnerabilities and subsequent breaches escalate—all with limited resources.

Technology or security teams, therefore, need a streamlined way to quickly and easily find and fix high-priority application vulnerabilities throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC), without holding up software delivery processes, management overhead or additional resources.

ZeroNorth for Rapid AppSec

A SaaS solution, the ZeroNorth platform includes pre-configured open source application security tools, coupled with the automation, orchestration, centralized management and actionable risk intelligence needed, out-of-the-box, to easily identify, prioritize and remediate security vulnerabilities. With ZeroNorth, technology and security teams can help deliver secure applications into production while reducing business application risk, without disrupting continuous software delivery processes.

Ideal for technology and security teams who need to quickly and cost-effectively jumpstart their security vulnerability program, the ZeroNorth platform for Rapid AppSec can help you:

  • Get your application security program up and running within a couple of hours—no need for an extensive or manual tool selection or onboarding process.
  • Find application security vulnerabilities fast in homegrown or third-party code, throughout all stages of the software delivery lifecycle—from code commit to build and through to production.
  • Get a consolidated, prioritized view of risk in a single dashboard with remediation recommendations. Make informed decisions about business risk that can be communicated to executives.
  • Establish the foundation for a robust application security program—without the cost and overhead of deploying, managing and correlating the outputs from each individual tool.
  • Demonstrate a robust security program to business executives and customers that doesn’t disrupt continuous software delivery processes.

For more details, download the Rapid Application Security Solution Brief. 

The ZeroNorth platform includes an embedded set of open source application security tools:

  • Static Application Assessment Tools (SAST) detect weaknesses/defects in source code, byte code, or binary code: Brakeman, Bandit, SonarQube
  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools detect vulnerabilities in third-party open source code: OWASP Dependency-Check
  • Container Analysis tools detect misconfigurations within container images and software vulnerabilities within the container itself: Docker Content Trust, Clair and Aqua Trivy
  • Dynamic Application Security Tools (DAST) evaluate a production instance of a web application: OWASP Zap
  • AWS Cloud Security testing tools assess an AWS account for misconfigurations and exploitable vulnerabilities: Prowler, ScoutSuite, AWS Security Hub

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