“Without ZeroNorth, there’s no question we’d have to significantly grow our team or invest in custom integration projects to give us any shot at creating the type of AppSec program we now have in place.

—  Francis Juliano, CTO at Bidpath. Read the case study >>

Accelerate AppSec

As organizations rapidly build software to drive digital transformation, they often face an unenviable situation. They must roll out applications to production fast to remain competitive, but they also need to ensure this software is secure—to protect their business and their customers’ businesses. Yet many organizations lack the tools, time, people and expertise to ramp up or extend their AppSec program. They urgently need a quick and easy way to find and fix application security vulnerabilities to reduce risk, without holding up software delivery processes.

How ZeroNorth Helps Accelerate an AppSec Program

The ZeroNorth application security automation and orchestration platform delivers a comprehensive AppSec program out-of-the-box and can be up and running within hours—removing the considerable time and overhead needed to stand up or extend an AppSec program.

ZeroNorth includes a set of embedded open-source application security scanning tools and integrates with the leading commercial ones. ZeroNorth also provides the automation and orchestration needed to execute and centrally manage scanning, and it normalizes, analyzes and intelligently correlates scan findings.

Through this process, ZeroNorth streamlines and helps prioritize the vulnerability findings sent to developers—reducing the complexity and manual effort required.

Additionally, ZeroNorth delivers real-time visibility with contextual insights to accurately assess, manage and reduce application risk throughout the development life cycle.

Top Benefits of ZeroNorth for Accelerating AppSec

  • Get a comprehensive AppSec program up and running fast, without the overhead needed to select, deploy and manage scanning tools
  • Easily find application security vulnerabilities in proprietary or third-party code throughout the software delivery life cycle
  • Speed remediation by providing developers with actionable remediation data, prioritized by business risk considerations
  • Gain value quickly using open source tools and easily transition to commercial tools when priorities and budgets change
  • Create trust and support business continuity by providing security assurance to customers, partners, business leaders and others
  • Facilitate collaboration with development teams around security, without disrupting the continuous delivery of software

How ZeroNorth Helps Accelerate Your AppSec Program

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ZeroNorth supports open source tools out-of-the-box, and seamlessly supports the leading commercial tools to enable application scanning across the SDLC.

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