“The enterprise dashboard has a particularly helpful view that shows the development of issues over time so that organizations can see when and where their teams made security improvements.”

– SC Magazine, June 2020. Read the full product review. 

Gain AppSec Visibility

Companies are accelerating digital transformation initiatives and rolling out new products and services at greater velocity than ever before, to remain competitive and grow their businesses within a volatile threat landscape and unpredictable economy.

Business leaders, security professionals and product owners, therefore, must have the necessary data at their fingertips to easily gain a complete picture of the inherent risk within their application portfolio, at any point in time. This visibility is necessary to make informed business decisions regarding the security of their applications, and its impact on delivery timeframes and revenue projections.

But security staff, struggling with an unwieldy amount of highly granular vulnerability data— or, conversely, a lack of any data at all—cannot gain a true picture of application security and risk. As a result, they have no way to assess the overall security posture of an application, let alone communicate it to executives in a meaningful and easily consumable format.

How ZeroNorth Helps Gain AppSec Visibility

The ZeroNorth application security automation and orchestration platform provides visibility into business risk based on a real-time assessment of application vulnerabilities. This information is delivered in an easy-to-view executive dashboard, which shows the application portfolio’s risk profile, and provides detailed, drill-down analytics on application security scanning data for deeper analysis. ZeroNorth also highlights key gaps in the security scanning posture, shows progress of remediation work, and helps identify systemic risk patterns.

With this visibility, executives can confidently make strategic decisions regarding business innovation, as well as establish a robust, metrics-driven programmatic approach to assessing business risk.

Top Benefits of ZeroNorth for Gaining AppSec Visibility

  • Make the right business decisions based on a complete, consistent 360-degree view of application risk
  • Protect corporate and/or customer data, support compliance and drive business growth by delivering secure products
  • Know which applications pose the greatest risk, surface persistent patterns and problems, and assess overall pace of remediation
  • See trends and gain insight into the weakest points in the application security posture, and prioritize remediation work based on business risk 
  • Reduce risk by scanning earlier and more often in the SDLC, when it’s far easier, quicker and less costly to find and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Remove friction between security and development and speed time-to-market by integrating application security scanning within DevOps processes

Top Features of ZeroNorth for Gaining AppSec Visibility 

ZeroNorth delivers a comprehensive, continuous view of security risk across the application portfolio to help organizations make the right business and operational decisions.

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