Jump-Start an AppSec Program

Jump-Start an AppSec Program

Comprehensive AppSec program in hours.


Why You Need a Comprehensive AppSec Program

Building an AppSec program is a complex, time-consuming and resource intensive process. Many organizations do not have the staff to handle AppSec, and while most developers today understand the need for better security, they do not have the time or the expertise to take it on. Moreover, maintaining  velocity is a priority for developers and this becomes difficult when they also need to invoke scanning tools within their DevOps pipelines, decipher the mountains of vulnerability data generated and then figure out how to prioritize critical vulnerabilities for remediation.

Yet with the push to build and deliver code faster than ever before, organizations need a streamlined way to ramp up their AppSec program and gain immediate value.

How the ZeroNorth DevSecOps Can Jump Start Your AppSec Program

A SaaS solution, the ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform is ideal for engineering and security teams who need a fast and cost-effective way to jump start their AppSec program.

ZeroNorth includes built-in, ready-to-run open source scanning tools coupled with the automation, DevOps pipeline orchestration, central management, workflows and reporting necessary to rapidly identify, prioritize and remove vulnerabilities. With ZeroNorth, organizations will improve application security and reduce risk as they begin their journey to DevSecOps.

Benefits of ZeroNorth to Build an AppSec program

  • DevSecOps Orchestration – Seamless integration and orchestration of AppSec tools within DevOps pipelines for consistent, repeatable scanning at scale, without changing existing workflows or impeding productivity.
  • Simplified AppSec Remediation – Streamlined findings for triage, prioritization and remediation based on business risk and impact.
  • Actionable AppSec Risk Insights – Riskiest applications, vulnerabilities per applications, weaknesses and gaps in the AppSec program to drive DevSecOps.
  • Enterprise AppSec Visibility – Analytics, dashboards and reports that deliver a single source of truth on AppSec risk for the application portfolio – from the executive view to the granular details.
  • Customer Assurance – Metrics showcase depth and breadth of AppSec program coverage and remediation progress to assure executives, customers and partners of software security and quality.

Features of ZeroNorth to Build an AppSec program

  • Integrated Open Source AppSec – Ready-to-run with a wide range of open source AppSec scanning tools (e.g., SCA, SAST, DAST, container management), to quickly ramp up scanning coverage across business-critical applications.
  • AppSec Program Governance – Central management and automation of these open source AppSec tools and policies ensure continuous and scalable scanning throughout the SDLC.
  • Centralized Data – Disparate scan results from all the leading AppSec commercial and open source scanning tools are ingested for complete, consistent, long-term visibility of AppSec risk.
  • Noise Reduction – Aggregation, deduplication and compression (up to 90:1 ratio) of AppSec vulnerabilities to remove noise.
  • Ready to Scale – Integration with the leading commercial AppSec scanning tools to expand coverage as technology and business needs evolve.

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