Central AppSec Management

Central AppSec Management

Centralize AppSec tools and operationalize data.


Simplify AppSec Remediation

Most organizations use at least a handful of application security scanning tools to test their code throughout the different stages of the SDLC – all of which must be managed. Moreover, with numerous assets being scanned, these tools generate vast amounts of disparate vulnerability data—often with different taxonomies, formats or naming conventions.

As a result, developers are overwhelmed with a huge number of vulnerabilities to fix, and no way to prioritize them by criticality. This untenable situation slows down engineering work and delays release cycles, all while critical vulnerabilities are ignored or missed entirely.

The Value of the ZeroNorth DevSecOps Platform for Central AppSec Management

The ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform centrally manages all the AppSec tools and then automatically unifies vulnerability findings, making them usable and operational for security and development teams.

ZeroNorth automatically ingests all scanning data into a central database and normalizes it into a common risk framework. It then aggregates, dedupes and compresses related issues to remove redundancy and minimize noise (such as false positives). Through this data refinement process, ZeroNorth can compress thousands of issues from multiple tools into a concise list of vulnerabilities—in some cases achieving a compression rate of 90:1. This makes it far easier and simpler to triage, prioritize and fix them as an integral part of their DevSecOps process.

By removing the complexity of managing AppSec tools and their findings, ZeroNorth helps speed up remediation processes, thus improving developer productivity and product quality—all without slowing deployments into production.

Benefits of ZeroNorth for Central AppSec Management

  • AppSec Program Management – Central management and automation of AppSec scanning tools and policies ensure continuous and scalable scanning throughout the SDLC.
  • DevSecOps Orchestration – Seamless orchestration of AppSec tools within DevOps pipelines for consistent, repeatable scanning at scale, without changing existing workflows or impeding productivity.
  • Simplified AppSec Remediation – Streamlined vulnerability data for triage, prioritization and remediation based on business risk and impact.
  • Enterprise AppSec Visibility – Analytics, dashboards and reports that deliver a single source of truth on AppSec risk for the application portfolio – from the executive view to the granular details.
  • DevSecOps Alignment – AppSec risk metrics all teams involved in DevSecOps can use to identify bottlenecks and align to prioritize AppSec remediation by business risk and impact.

Features of ZeroNorth for Central AppSec Management

  • Broad Tool Support – Support for the leading commercial and open source AppSec scanning tools and DevOps tools to align with customers’ tools of choice.
  • Centralized Data – Disparate scan results from all the leading AppSec commercial and open source scanning tools are ingested for complete, consistent, long-term visibility of AppSec risk.
  • Noise Reduction – Aggregation, deduplication and compression (up to 90:1 ratio) of AppSec vulnerabilities to remove noise.
  • Developer Friendly Outputs – Prioritized tickets and integration with developers’ tools of choice for friction-free DevSecOps remediation.
  • Complete Flexibility – Extensive array of reports and/or integration with customers’ business intelligence (BI) and visualization tools of choice.

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