AppSec Visibility & Insight

AppSec Visibility & Insight

Real-time visibility to assess risk.


Get a Single Source of Truth

Business, product security and engineering leaders must have the necessary data at their fingertips to easily gain a complete picture of the risk across their application portfolio. In addition, CISOs need to understand AppSec risk enterprise-wide to effectively communicate with executives and the Board. This visibility is critical to prioritize application security remediation work and make informed business and operational decisions, such as delivery timeframes and revenue projections.

But security staff, struggling with an unwieldy amount of granular vulnerability data—or, conversely, a lack of any data at all—do not have the necessary visibility. As a result, there is no way to assess the overall security posture of the application portfolio, let alone communicate with executives in a meaningful and easily consumable format.

How the ZeroNorth DevSecOps Platform Delivers AppSec Visibility

The ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform delivers a single source of truth on AppSec risk through easy-to-view dashboards and reports. ZeroNorth ingests vulnerability data from a wide variety of AppSec scanning tools and automatically normalizes it into a common risk framework. It then dedupes, aggregates, correlates and compresses related issues to minimize noise. Through this process, ZeroNorth transforms disparate data into meaningful, detailed insights and actionable business intelligence on AppSec risk at the enterprise level, as well as for specific business units, product lines, applications and even DevOps pipelines.

With this visibility, executives can confidently make strategic decisions regarding business innovation, as well as establish a robust, metrics-driven programmatic approach to assessing business risk.

Benefits of ZeroNorth for AppSec Visibility

  • Enterprise AppSec Visibility – Analytics, dashboards and reports that deliver a single source of truth on AppSec risk for the application portfolio – from the executive view to the granular details.
  • Ownership & Accountability – Key AppSec risk trends and metrics at the enterprise level and individual business units, product lines, or even individual DevOps pipeline teams for long-term visibility, prioritization, ownership and accountability.
  • DevSecOps Alignment – AppSec risk metrics all teams involved in DevSecOps can use to identify bottlenecks and align to prioritize AppSec remediation by business risk and impact.
  • Business Risk Reporting – Long-term metrics showcase trends and communicate priorities, progress and risks to executives, boards, customers and partners.
  • AppSec Vulnerability Trends – Type, volume and criticality of vulnerabilities detected and applications impacted, pace of remediation, persistent risk patterns, vulnerabilities that affect multiple applications.

Features of ZeroNorth for AppSec Visibility

  • Actionable AppSec Risk Insights – Top 5 riskiest applications, vulnerabilities per applications, weaknesses and gaps in the AppSec program to drive DevSecOps.
  • Broad Tool Support – Disparate scan results from all the leading commercial and open source AppSec scanning tools are ingested for complete, consistent, long-term visibility of AppSec risk.
  • Data Refinement – Deduplication, aggregation, and compression of AppSec data to remove noise and streamline findings for an accurate, comprehensive analysis of AppSec risk.
  • Complete Flexibility – Custom reports and/or integration with customers’ business intelligence (BI) and visualization tools of choice.

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