Support a Wide Range of AppSec Scanning Tools with ZeroNorth Rapid Integration Connector



The dynamic nature of AppSec means that customers regularly require new tool integrations. ZeroNorth now provides the Rapid Integration Connector which integrates data from a wide range of AppSec scanning tools into the ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform. With this connector, ZeroNorth can support any AppSec scanning tool in less than a day, often in a couple of hours.

With the ZeroNorth Rapid Integration Connector you can:

  • Easily integrate scan data from any AppSec and security tool, into the ZeroNorth platform.

  • Translate and format all data for ingestion into the ZeroNorth platform.

  • Normalize, correlate and compress results alongside findings from other AppSec and security scan tools.

  • Deliver enterprise DevSecOps analytics and reporting utilizing data from across all scanning tools.

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