Orchestrate application & infrastructure security at the speed of business

Orchestrate application & infrastructure security at the speed of business

ZeroNorth is the only company to deliver risk-based vulnerability orchestration across applications and infrastructure, enabling stronger security as businesses embark upon digital transformation initiatives, from DevOps to microservices to the cloud.

Risk Visibility & Assurance

Create a closed-loop discover/remediate/validate process for continuous assurance

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Secure DevOps Process

Integrate vulnerability testing, prioritization and remediation without impacting existing DevOps workflows

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Automate Testing

Reduce resources required to manage software and infrastructure vulnerability testing— manage testing tools through a single interface.

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PCI DSS Compliance

Single-pane-of-glass view improves ability to manage your PCI-compliance program


“ZeroNorth gives us the visibility and assurance that we’re lowering risks to the organization. And it does so while reducing the staffing requirements for implementing and managing existing scanning tools and increasing their collective value. ZeroNorth is an important partner that gives us confidence in our security posture.”

Amit Bhardwaj, Vice President, IT Security and Compliance, Rodan & Fields

“Using ZeroNorth has freed up resources to focus on more strategic initiatives and has given us confidence that we are achieving the highest standard of security that both Cytobank and our customers demand.”


Angela Landrigan, Director of Products and Security Officer, Cytobank. Read the case study

“Nobody converts an organization’s manual and siloed efforts into a single orchestrated process better than you.”


Global Director Sales, Large Integrator

“ZeroNorth gives Zerto full and continuous visibility across our dynamic development landscape and a higher level of confidence in our security posture.”


Rob Strechay, SVP of Product, Zerto Read the case study

“We consider ZeroNorth a major strategic security partner who will help us advance into other paradigms of cloud development such as microservices and containers.”


Jim Rutt, CIO/CISO, The Dana Foundation Read the case study

“By partnering with ZeroNorth, we can provide customers a single pane of glass for understanding and addressing risk end-to-end. No other product we’ve seen has the same capability of supporting risk and vulnerability management across both applications and infrastructure.”


Tony Velleca, CEO, CyberProof Read the full story

“The ZeroNorth platform has given me confidence in knowing what our security posture is on a continuous basis, not just once or twice a year. ZeroNorth has truly become a trusted security partner to Leader Bank and it’s a partnership we value highly.”


Chief Technology Officer, Leader Bank Read the case study

“The best part of using the ZeroNorth platform is really security assurance. We’ve been able to improve the security posture of our application and platform, increase the trust with our customers, while protecting the integrity and security of their information.”


Ken Stineman, Security Lead, Cytobank Read the case study

“ZeroNorth gives us a level of certainty about the assurance level of our security practices within the development lifecycle that we had never had before.”


Jim Rutt, CIO/CISO, The Dana Foundation Read the case study

“I feel like we’re doing everything backwards. We have all these tools but we should have started with you guys.”


Large Insurance Company


Forbes: Digital Transformation and the CISO

Ernesto DiGiambattista writes in Forbes, “As a chief information security officer (CISO), how do you build a cybersecurity practice that supports the digital transformation efforts of a company? Before founding what is now my current company nearly four years ago, I spent most of my career in a practitioner’s chair…”
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Getting Started with DevSecOps

Andrei Bezdedeanu
VP Engineering, ZeroNorth

Learn how to get started with DevSecOps and understand the challenges, enablers and benefits of DevOps and DevSecOps.


The True Cost of Vulnerability Discovery

Did you know that you can spend up to 150% of scanning tool license costs annually, just managing and maintaining these tools? This doesn’t even include selecting and on boarding those tools. In less than 10 minutes, ZeroNorth CTO John Steven describes the true cost of vulnerability discovery to consider in your overall security program.


The Essential Guide to Risk-Based Vulnerability Orchestration Across the Software Lifecycle

This Ebook discusses challenges with current approaches, the differences between automation and orchestration and the steps to get started with orchestration.

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