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May 11, 2021

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Across all industries, organizations looking to succeed today must address the integrity of their software. Developing and deploying quality applications is now a foundational business effort, one that sits at the center of a growing global economy. Excellent, safe software not only drives higher productivity, but it also offers major economic benefits to the enterprise by lowering the total cost of ownership and ensuring a safe product experience.

In this way, informed business decisions are now directly tied to security ones, including the need for a robust application security (AppSec) program with clear insight into application risk. If security is not built into the process early on, the cost and complexity of developing software become untenable, product quality declines and smart, timely business decisions are nearly impossible to make.

With so much importance attached to visibility, finding this single source of truth is critical to reaching goals and delivering secure products. So, where can it be found?

When People Find Data

The art of decision-making rests on two main principles: data and people. When teams can pair their experience and insight with fact-based information, they land on a winning combination for addressing application risk. Clear AppSec visibility into vulnerabilities and risk is achieved through hard data. Companies can rely on advanced analytics and reporting to guide their security decisions, rather than guesswork, to make informed, proactive business and operational decisions. This pairing of high-level intelligence with granular details builds context around the health of an AppSec program and gives executives, business units and development teams the information they need to engage in meaningful conversations and actions around security risk and remediation.

For CISOs tasked with maintaining strong leadership while uniting security and development teams, the comprehensive, real-time view of risk that comes through advanced analytics is crucial. When AppSec concerns are framed within a business context, security leaders can use them to:

  • Isolate weak points and find security gaps
  • Evaluate the overall health of important applications
  • Share valuable security insight with DevOps teams and executives
  • Prioritize remediation efforts based on business needs
  • Ensure the business meets all compliance requirements
  • Nail down accountability within the organization
  • Track internal policies and SLAs

When Analytics Meet Decision-Making

With problematic issues like tool sprawl, overwhelming security data, complex stacks of old and new applications to scan, and misalignment among teams, communication and reporting around AppSec has never been more important. It allows CISOs to make educated business choices while also helping developers solve problems more effectively. And when the right solution emerges to unite these analytics with decision making, business objectives and cultures begin to soar toward success and the achievement of three key areas:

  1. Standards must be maintained through a centralized view of risk. The right security posture for the organization can be defined, established, and implemented across the enterprise.
  2. Velocity in the pipeline must not slow down or stop. Give security and development leaders the visibility they need to prioritize vulnerabilities based on legitimate concerns like severity, risk and potential business impact.
  3. Focus is needed to build excellent software. Developers must have the insight and instrumentation necessary to find and fix defects before production, at all stages of the development life cycle.

When Leaders Land on Solutions

If data is turned into business insight, problems are solved. Feedback loops lead to action, and better business decisions emerge. To ensure applications are shipped out the door with security built-in, organizations need to find a platform solution with robust analytics and reporting, one that offers a single source of truth.

ZeroNorth now provides this level of advanced risk analytics via a set of dashboards and reports that deliver actionable, contextual visibility. The ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform also integrates with a customer’s business intelligence to generate custom reports. Business leaders can use this data to assess the overall health and risk of revenue-generating applications and make operational decisions accordingly. This capability makes it possible to check the status of:

  • different vulnerabilities detected and remediated
  • applications and entities scanned, including type and number
  • security scanner efficacy and criticality of findings per scan

Turn to ZeroNorth

Today, the acceleration of innovation happens through secure software. To find out more about how ZeroNorth’s DevSecOps Analytics and Reporting can help your organization solve the five biggest hurdles of AppSec, including the need for informed business decisions, download our new eBook, “How DevSecOps Analytics Solve the 5 Biggest Hurdles of AppSec,” or contact us directly for more information.

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The ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform offers options for your DevSecOps journey—getting started with AppSec, finding enterprise visibility or fully integrating security into DevOps.