ZeroNorth Integrates with Jira to Make AppSec Seamless for Developers


The ZeroNorth DevSecOps Platform integrates with Atlassian’s JIRA Software so organizations no longer need to choose between development velocity and security. ZeroNorth makes application security programs transparent and friction free for developers so they can meet corporate standards without changing their workflows or being flooded with non-priority tickets. ZeroNorth ensures developers receive prioritized AppSec remediation tickets in JIRA, so they can focus only on issues that impact the business.

ZeroNorth does this by seamlessly embedding application security scanning within existing and familiar DevOps toolchains and processes, making security an integral part of application development—not separate from it. And with its automation and orchestration capabilities, ZeroNorth removes the complexity of managing application scanning tools and their findings to provide developers with the actionable data they need to quickly and easily remediate vulnerabilities, allowing them to confidently delivery secure code to market.

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