AppSec Risk: You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

The key to reducing AppSec risk is pretty simple. It all starts with AppSec visibility and everyone looking at the same data. AppSec visibility data provides the necessary insights to assess risk and drive accountability, to make the right business and operational decisions, and of course to prioritize remediation actions for AppSec vulnerabilities. Join ZeroNorth’s DevSecOps experts for a chat on what CISOs and Security teams need to know to understand and effectively communicate AppSec risk to all stakeholders – from the Board, to Business Unit leaders, DevOps teams and even to customers, partners and end users.

This webinar discusses real-world examples and cover key questions such:

  • What are the key AppSec risk questions your boss or your Board will ask you – sooner rather than later? 
  • What are the 5 top AppSec risk metrics every business unit leader or product owner must know? 
  • How do you find hidden “red flags,” security gaps and weaknesses in your AppSec posture?
  • How do you use AppSec risk insights to work more effectively with the DevOps team?

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