CISO Perspective: The Economics of Software Quality and Security

Here’s a fact. Higher quality software drives higher productivity. It also lowers the total cost of IT ownership and offers considerable economic benefit to the enterprise, whether it’s software needed to run the business, or to sell to customers. Quality problems become security issues: today’s bugs become tomorrow’s vulnerabilities. And security issues become quality problems: bypassing security processes enables malicious script injections into otherwise quality code. CISOs are chartered with championing cybersecurity regardless of which team across the enterprise is producing software. Likewise, the focus on software quality is organizationally agnostic. In short, this means CISOs are ideally suited to help organizations orient security in the name of software quality.

In this session, Jim Routh, Head of Enterprise Cyber Security at MassMutual discusses the economics and relationship of software quality and security, and the role of the CISO in facilitating this across the organization.

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