DevSecOps Analytics & Reporting for the Board, Business, Security & DevOps

Learn how ZeroNorth DevSecOps Analytics & Reporting delivers an array of reports that make it easy for the CISO, AppSec and DevOps teams to understand, prioritize and communicate application risk across the organization.

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Making Sense of the Changing AppSec Automation Landscape

The application security (AppSec) landscape is changing and evolving. Fast. There are new innovations, integrations, automation platforms. There are also vendor acquisitions, consolidations and a whole ...

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The Journey to DevSecOps: A Deeper Dive

In this demo, ZeroNorth certified security professional Brian Orr takes you through the three paths to DevSecOps: Just getting started: Leverage open-source security tools to establish ...

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The ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform offers options for your DevSecOps journey—getting started with AppSec, finding enterprise visibility or fully integrating security into DevOps.