How to Merge AppSec and DevOps Effectively for the Good of Software

Organizations are embracing DevOps to support extremely rapid release cycles and meet the demands of digital transformation. But without incorporating AppSec testing into DevOps processes and releasing insecure software into production, these organization are putting themselves at considerable risk. Yet, integrating and orchestrating AppSec tools within DevOps pipelines is a complex, extremely time-consuming task often left up to developers whose mandate is to produce quality software within very tight timeframes, not figure out security.

This video, delivered by ZeroNorth DevSecOps Evangelist Dan Beauregard and AppSec Specialist Patrick Hayes walks through:
– The impact digital transformation is having on AppSec
– Key issues impeding AppSec from being integrated into the DevOps process
– How to breakdown these AppSec/DevOps barriers
– How to kick start your AppSec Program with a brief demo of the ZeroNorth AppSec automation and orchestration platform.

If you would like to see the ZeroNorth platform in action, you can request a personal demo here.

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