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See how the ZeroNorth risk-based vulnerability orchestration platform enables stronger security as your business embarks upon digital transformation initiatives, from DevOps to microservices to the cloud.

Datasheets & Solution Briefs

Datasheet: ZeroNorth Platform

Learn how ZeroNorth’s risk-based vulnerability orchestration platform orchestrates scanning tools across the entire software lifecycle, provides a comprehensive and continuous view of risk and reduces costs associated with managing disparate technologies.

Solution Brief: Enabling Secure Digital Transformation with ZeroNorth & CyberProof

End-to-End Solution to Assess, Plan and Implement Enterpise-Wide Vulnerability and Risk Management

Application Security & Vulnerability Management Case Studies

Cytobank Ensures Continuous Regulatory Compliance by Integrating and Automating Security Testing Tools

By implementing ZeroNorth, Cytobank is able to automate and schedule scans at the code and server level to ensure that the security of its cloud-based biomedical research platform is always up to date. Cytobank has also been able to free up resources to focus on more strategic initiatives. An interview with the Director of Products/Security Officer, Cytobank

Leader Bank Stays a Step Ahead by Automating and Orchestrating Application Security

As Leader Bank accelerates innovation, they wanted to integrate security earlier into development to identify and remediate vulnerabilities as soon as possible. The ZeroNorth Platform has enabled them to modernize processes and seamlessly embed security into the SDLC, giving them holistic visibility across the application stack and confidence in their security posture. An interview with the CTO.

Zerto Achieves One Source of Truth for Risk, Compliance and Vulnerability Management Across Dynamic Development Environment

Zerto needed a full understanding of risk exposure across assets, to prioritize vulnerabilities and to remediate as quickly as possible. They wanted to orchestrate and automate security tools, host them centrally and prioritize the output. With ZeroNorth, Zerto has one source of truth, full and continuous visibility across a dynamic development landscape and a higher level of confidence in their security posture. An interview with the SVP of Product, CISO and Legal.

Case Study: Fortune 50 Company

Fortune 50 Company Gains Visibility into its Security Posture

The company has over 170,000 IT assets and over 400,000 OT devices, and the ZeroNorth platform tracks over 100 million vulnerabilities continuously. Additionally, leveraging our platform, the company’s executive team is able to understand vulnerabilities related to their respective areas as well as the distribution of issues by geo, data center or security leader.

Case Study: Leading Telco Provider

Leading Telecommunications Provider Supports PCI DSS and NYDFS Compliance

Leverage the joint ZeroNorth and CyberProof solution, this telco is able to gain critical visibility across the organization and streamline the process of addressing risk and vulnerabilities across the SDLC. Additionally, the provider now has a strengthened security posture and the ability to meet PCI DSS and NYDFS compliance requirements quickly and effectively

The Dana Foundation Embeds Security into SLDC to Accelerate DevOps Adoption

The maturation of rugged DevOps (DevSecOps) tools and frameworks such as the ZeroNorth platform has helped The Dana Foundation transition from Waterfall to DevOps development and implement a continuous security monitoring and integration approach to development. An interview with the CIO.


Making Application & Infrastructure Vulnerability Management More Effective

Many organizations these days have become so focused on protecting themselves against sophisticated threats, they pay less attention to the seemingly mundane (but no less important) tasks required to secure an enterprise. 

How Does Security Innovation Power Digital Transformation?

This paper discusses how a risk-based approach to vulnerability orchestration across applications and infrastructure empowers organizations to critically assess their security with real data, bringing them closer to truly secure DevOps with well-aligned security, operations and development teams.

5 Steps to Maximize the Value of your Security Investment

A security rationalization process can help CISOs optimize your security infrastructure while improving the bottom line. This paper outlines the five steps to get you started.

CISOs: Best Practices to Understand, Communicate and Manage IT Risk

What’s your company’s risk appetite and overall security posture? Read best practices to identify, communicate and manage IT risk across stakeholders.


The Essential Guide to Risk-Based Vulnerability Orchestration Across the Software Lifecycle

Stop treading water and simplify the management and remediation of your software vulnerabilities. This eBook discusses challenges with current approaches, the differences between automation and orchestration and the steps to get started with orchestration.

The Next Generation of Application Security

Application security is usually done by finding, fixing and preventing vulnerabilities, with an emphasis on finding solutions to prevent cybersecurity events in the future. However, many of the breaches we’re seeing are caused by a vulnerability related to the application, often because developers move so quickly to push out new code. As technology advances—and more rapidly than ever—how will the next generation of AppSec address these new challenges?

Analyst Reports

ESG Solution Showcase: Orchestrating Risk and Vulnerability Management across the SDLC, from Code Commit through Build to Deployment

Most organizations employ multiple software development teams, while many utilize complex supply chains that depend heavily on software-driven components. This fragmented development world makes it difficult for security teams to gain control over software testing and even more difficult to assess and mitigate risk throughout their application portfolios.

Research Reports

Rethinking Security for Digital Transformation

Organizations are embracing digital transformation initiatives to help them deliver services and capabilities to customers, partners and employees as quickly as possible, while also maintaining a competitive edge. And they’re diving in with eyes wide open, aware of the risks and the need to embed strong security into these efforts. Even so, a recent survey conducted by ZeroNorth, the industry’s first provider of risk-based vulnerability orchestration, indicates cybersecurity professionals are still struggling to navigate this uncharted territory and effectively manage risk across applications and infrastructure.


Organizations Struggle to Secure Applications

61% of organizations protect no more than half of their applications with some form of application security testing tool.

Rethinking Security for Digital Transformation

Organizations are embracing digital transformation initiatives to help them deliver services and capabilities to customers, partners and employees as quickly as possible, while also maintaining a competitive edge. And they’re diving in with eyes wide open, aware of the risks and the need to embed strong security into these efforts. Even so, this infographic outlines information from a recent survey conducted by ZeroNorth, the industry’s first provider of risk-based vulnerability orchestration. Cybersecurity professionals are still struggling to navigate this uncharted territory and effectively manage risk across applications and infrastructure.

Gain Software & Infrastructure Risk Visibility & Assurance

Proof point: The ZeroNorth platform is at work for a Fortune 50 company, helping it gain visibility into its security posture, understand vulnerabilities, optimize its remediation program and ultimately reduce its overall security risk.

Upcoming Webinars

Bringing DevSecOps to Industrial Control Systems

Wednesday, November 13, 1:00pm ET

Bringing industrial control systems (ICS) and critical infrastructure into the modern age will require more than just software updates. The challenge is that every time new updates to software powering applications or infrastructure are introduced, so too is the potential for new vulnerabilities. This webinar will provide an overview of DevOps and DevSecOps cultures to help the people using and managing ICS understand how these practices fit into their organizations. It will empower those tasked to secure critical infrastructure with the knowledge they need to ensure that comprehensive discovery and remediation of software vulnerabilities are in place so they can proactively manage risk.

Presenter: Aaron Wise, Director of Engineering, ZeroNorth

Scaling DevSecOps

Monday, November 18, 1:00pm ET

The need to include security as part of the DevOps process is well-understood, and greater numbers of DevOps teams are shifting security left to ensure their applications are more secure. But how can an organization scale its DevSecOps efforts without introducing unnecessary friction in the software development life cycle? This webinar explores some of the pitfalls to avoid when looking to scale DevSecOps and offers tips to help organizations keep their DevSecOps efforts on track.

Panelists include security experts from Veracode and Whitesource, as well as ZeroNorth vice president of engineering Andrei Bezdedeanu.

On-Demand Webinars

The Impact of Digital Transformation on Enterprise Security

Digital transformation involves removing the barriers to delivering value to customers. The mechanisms of digital transformation: DevOps, microservices architecture and others, simplify and speed delivery but complicate aspects of security–particularly vulnerability discovery. Yet, as firms release more and more microservices to production, and do so more frequently, the need to understand changes to the attack surface increases. Using data from recent surveys, ZeroNorth CTO John Steven will illustrate how, by doing well-known security activities differently and by doing fundamentally different activities, security is able to align with the modern development architectures and cultures. Specifically, we’ll address questions like: What’s the place of OSS in vulnerability discovery? What does a secure SDL and CI/CD pipeline look like? What do governance gates look like in a continuous world?

Securing AWS Environments in an Age of Digital Transformation

As digital transformation is driving organizations to become software-centric, many turn to Amazon Web Services for the flexible infrastructure that supports the rapid development and delivery of software, such as microservices. But gaining a comprehensive view of risk across an AWS environment can become challenging. In this webinar, ZeroNorth vice president of Engineering Andrei Bezdedeanu will share details on how the platform’s integration with AWS Security Hub provides a comprehensive view of application and infrastructure security across AWS, from custom code development, to open source libraries, to applications moving towards production.

Rethinking Security for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation isn’t coming–it’s here. ZeroNorth surveyed cybersecurity professionals across a range of industries to get their input on effectively managing risk across applications and infrastructure in this age of digital transformation. Join ZeroNorth CTO John Steven and vice president of marketing Dave Howell as they discuss the findings of the survey.

Manage Vulnerabilities through the Software Lifecycle: How to Enable Secure DevOps

As companies embrace digital transformation, leveraging DevOps, microservices and the cloud, the cybersecurity challenge becomes more complex. Across applications and infrastructure, vulnerabilities present themselves throughout the software lifecycle in ways that create significant risk to the business, and the disparate nature of security teams, with some focused on AppSec and others on SecOps, amplifies these security gaps. Watch this SANS webinar and learn best practices for managing vulnerabilities and risk throughout the SDLC, from code commit to build to deployment, across diverse technology environments.

Presenters include Andrei Bezdedeanu, vice president of engineering, ZeroNorth

The Next Generation of Application Security

Application security is an effective tool for defending against attacks. But as IT infrastructures shift to “software-defined everything” and move to the cloud, traditional appsec models no longer are enough to protect the application.

This webinar takes a look at how companies are addressing new models to address more dispersed and dynamically connected applications, from traditional web and mobile APIs to containers and microservices.

Presenters: John Steven, CTO, ZeroNorth and security leaders from Veracode, WhiteSource, Signal Sciences, and Lacework.

Why Security Must Be Part of the Software Life Cycle

As businesses embark on digital and cloud transformation to accelerate velocity and improve operational efficiencies, security just is not keeping pace. In the webinar, you will learn:

  • Why the current approaches to security management are no longer adequate as the pace of business accelerates.
  • The key steps to mitigate risk, including identifying, prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities continuously.
  • How prioritizing vulnerabilities properly can reduce risk

Presenter: Michael Osterman, Principal Analyst, Osterman Research

End-to-End Vulnerability & Risk Management Across the Enterprise

Digital transformation is redefining organizations in all industries into software-centric businesses. Assessing, planning and implementing vulnerability management across your organization is therefore crucial. In this webinar, CyberProof, a UST Global company, and ZeroNorth will share details on the companies’ integrated solution and discuss how a large telecommunications provider has benefited from end-to-end vulnerability & risk management across the enterprise.

Presenters: Brian McGraw, Global Head of Advisory Services, CyberProof and John Steven, CTO, ZeroNorth

Collaborative Defense—Bringing Business & Security Together for Resiliency

Answer the rallying cry for cyber resilience! Discussions and session topics at RSA 2018 put cyber security resiliency and collaboration front and center. To be effective, security needs to be woven throughout the business and infrastructure, which requires collaboration. What does this really mean for IT, security and development teams day-to-day?

Zerto Gains One Source of Truth for Risk, Compliance & Vulnerability Management

Securing the value stream is becoming a priority for most organizations. Validating the security posture of the companies who supply technology is now standard business practice. IT Resilience platform provider Zerto has over 6,000 customers across more than 70 countries. It’s critical that they ship secure software and have a continuous view of risk and compliance to ensure they meet customer and regulatory requirements.

DevSecOps from Cradle to Scale: Real-World Lessons and Success Cases

Dr. Chenxi Wang, founder and general partner of Rain Capital, an early stage cyber security-focused venture fund, and member of the Board of Director of OWASP, discusses how to effectively integrate security into DevOps processes at scale, with real-world examples.

Getting Started with DevSecOps

Learn how to get started with DevSecOps and the resulting benefits, including more secure applications, lower cost to manage your security posture and full visibility into application and enterprise risks. Understand the challenges, enablers and benefits to DevOps and DevSecOps and topics such as DevOps vs SecOps and automation and orchestration.


ESG 2-Minute Brief: ZeroNorth: Risk-based Vulnerability Orchestration Across Applications & Infrastructure

In this 2-minute video brief, Dave Gruber, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), outlines the specific challenges and how the ZeroNorth platform delivers risk-based vulnerability orchestration to integrate risk across applications and infrastructure. 

The True Cost of Vulnerability Discovery

Did you know that you can spend up to 150% of scanning tool license costs annually, just managing and maintaining these tools? This doesn’t even include selecting and on boarding those tools. In less than 10 minutes, ZeroNorth CTO John Steven describes the true cost of vulnerability discovery to consider in your overall security program.

20-Minute Speed Demo: Orchestrate Application & Infrastructure Security

In just 20 minutes, see how ZeroNorth can help you orchestrate risk management across applications and infrastructure.

Building a Comprehensive Security Strategy through Software-Defined Risk Management

ZeroNorth VP of Engineering Andrei Bezdedeanu and William Fryberger, Director of Information Security Operations and Identity and Access Management, Procter & Gamble discuss how actionable data, digestible at the executive level, enables business decision makers and security professionals to work together to manage vulnerabilities and risk, and achieve greater resiliency.


Down the Security Rabbit Hole Episode #355: Threat Modeling Rides Again

ZeroNorth CTO John Steven discusses discusses security tool proliferation and the impact of fragmentation on business.

“Raytheon protects every side of cyber for government agencies, businesses and nations. Working with ZeroNorth solutions supports our ability to secure software throughout the entire development lifecycle.”


John DeSimone, Vice President of Cybersecurity and Special Missions at Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services Read the full story

“ZeroNorth gives us the visibility and assurance that we’re lowering risks to the organization. And it does so while reducing the staffing requirements for implementing and managing existing scanning tools and increasing their collective value. ZeroNorth is an important partner that gives us confidence in our security posture.”

Amit Bhardwaj, Vice President, IT Security and Compliance, Rodan & Fields

“Using ZeroNorth has freed up resources to focus on more strategic initiatives and has given us confidence that we are achieving the highest standard of security that both Cytobank and our customers demand.”


Angela Landrigan, Director of Products and Security Officer, Cytobank. Read the case study

“Nobody converts an organization’s manual and siloed efforts into a single orchestrated process better than you.”


Global Director Sales, Large Integrator

“ZeroNorth gives Zerto full and continuous visibility across our dynamic development landscape and a higher level of confidence in our security posture.”


Rob Strechay, SVP of Product, Zerto Read the case study

“We consider ZeroNorth a major strategic security partner who will help us advance into other paradigms of cloud development such as microservices and containers.”


Jim Rutt, CIO/CISO, The Dana Foundation Read the case study

“By partnering with ZeroNorth, we can provide customers a single pane of glass for understanding and addressing risk end-to-end. No other product we’ve seen has the same capability of supporting risk and vulnerability management across both applications and infrastructure.”


Tony Velleca, CEO, CyberProof Read the full story

“The ZeroNorth platform has given me confidence in knowing what our security posture is on a continuous basis, not just once or twice a year. ZeroNorth has truly become a trusted security partner to Leader Bank and it’s a partnership we value highly.”


Chief Technology Officer, Leader Bank Read the case study

“The best part of using the ZeroNorth platform is really security assurance. We’ve been able to improve the security posture of our application and platform, increase the trust with our customers, while protecting the integrity and security of their information.”


Ken Stineman, Security Lead, Cytobank Read the case study

“ZeroNorth gives us a level of certainty about the assurance level of our security practices within the development lifecycle that we had never had before.”


Jim Rutt, CIO/CISO, The Dana Foundation Read the case study

“I feel like we’re doing everything backwards. We have all these tools but we should have started with you guys.”


Large Insurance Company

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