TCO Calculator: Calculate the Cost of Your AppSec Program

Use this TCO calculator to find out how much it will really cost you to compare, select, deploy and manage scanning tools as part of an effective and comprehensive application security program.

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5 Powerful Solutions for Scaling Application Security

Are you ready to solve the challenges of application security? Here you will find the most up-to-date findings from Forrester’s recent “The State of Application Security, 2020” report, including five powerful and practical suggestions for how to identify and overcome the challenges of building secure software in today’s digital landscape.

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Bridging the Gap Between AppSec and DevOps to Reduce Security Risk—October 1, 2020

In this webinar, Dr. Larry Ponemon, ZeroNorth CEO John Worrall and Christian van den Branden, SVP of Engineering at ZeroNorth offer their unique perspectives on “Revealing the Cultural Divide Between Application Security and DevOps” research results, as well as the five steps Ponemon Institute recommends organizations can take now to help bridge this critical cultural […]

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The Cultural Divide Between AppSec & DevOps—at a Glance

Organizations are at risk when application security and development teams don’t share a common vision on how to deliver software to market quickly and securely. Despite this misalignment, a fundamental agreement on how to integrate security more effectively throughout the application development process is a key component of success. As business and product teams continue […]

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Federated Responsibility for AppSec: A New Model to Power Secure DevOps

Securing DevOps and minimizing friction between application security and development teams requires a fundamental shift in focus, away from security tools, and toward a shared vision on how to deliver software quickly and securely. Read this white paper and learn how a Federated Responsibility Model for AppSec can help your organization deliver secure software at […]

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Ponemon Report: Revealing the Cultural Divide Between Application Security and Development

With sponsorship from ZeroNorth, Ponemon Institute recently conducted a survey detailing the cultural divide between application security teams and developers, who lack a common vision on how to deliver software capabilities to market quickly and securely. These findings reveal the serious impact such misalignment can have on organizations, including the ability to remain competitive during […]

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IDC Report: ZeroNorth, Bringing End-to-End Clarity to Application Security

This new IDC report profiles ZeroNorth and its application security automation and orchestration platform. Today, application security complexity causes DevOps teams to struggle with too many sources of security information, generating a lack of overall visibility into the true security risk exposure. This profile explains how ZeroNorth’s risk-based methodology to application security tool management addresses […]

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Managing the AppSec Toolstack

Join ZeroNorth SVP of Engineering Christian van den Branden and panelists from WhiteSource, BluBracket, Citrix, Synopsys and Signal Sciences as they discuss “Managing the AppSec Toolstack.” Application security should be a critical part of the DevOps process, as these days even the smallest vulnerability can wreak major havoc should they lead to failures or data […]

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Driving Secure DevOps with ZeroNorth (20-minute demo: 10/14 @ 1pm ET)

Learn how ZeroNorth can bring continuous, end-to-end security into the DevOps process and deliver comprehensive software vulnerability management. In just 20 minutes you’ll see how ZeroNorth is the only platform that enables you to: Improve application security and quality by leveraging built-in automation to scan code for vulnerabilities early and often, when it’s far easier and less costly to remediate Speed remediation […]

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