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Software & Technology

DevSecOps for secure applications.


Deliver Secure Software Right from the Start

Recent security breaches have highlighted the role thousands of technology companies play in their customers’ software supply chain. Software companies, in particular, are often the building blocks that enable companies to deliver products and run the business – but gaps in security can leave their products, and their customers, at risk.

Whether delivering a full-stack application, or software components for a customer to build their own apps, software security is vital. Moreover, customers are now demanding security assurance from their vendors and are digging into the steps taken to secure their software. Therefore, technology companies must be able to build and deliver secure products to market, right from the start. They also need the analytics and reports to show customers they’ve taken the necessary steps to remove any application security risk.

The ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform enables organizations to automate and orchestrate key components of their AppSec program, and to rapidly identify, prioritize and remove the vulnerabilities standing in the way of software excellence.

Benefits of ZeroNorth for Software & Technology

  • DevSecOps Orchestration – Seamless integration and orchestration of AppSec tools within DevOps pipelines for consistent, repeatable scanning at scale, without changing existing workflows or impeding productivity.
  • Simplified AppSec Remediation – Streamlined vulnerability data for triage, prioritization and remediation based on business risk and impact.
  • Ownership & Accountability – Key AppSec risk trends and metrics at the enterprise level and individual business units, product lines or even individual DevOps pipeline teams for long-term visibility, prioritization, ownership and accountability.
  • Security Governance – Robust metrics the CISO needs to effectively communicate AppSec risk at the executive and Board-level, align with DevSecOps, prioritize remediation, and build the right security governance program for organization.
  • Customer Assurance – Metrics showcase depth and breadth of AppSec program coverage and remediation progress to assure executives, customers and partners of software security and quality.

Features of ZeroNorth for Software & Technology

  • Central Management – Central management and automation AppSec tools and policies ensure continuous and scalable scanning throughout the SDLC.
  • Broad Tool Support – Support for the leading commercial and open source AppSec scanning tools and DevOps tools to align with customers’ tools of choice.
  • Noise Reduction – Aggregation, deduplication and compression (up to 90:1 ratio) of AppSec vulnerabilities to remove noise.
  • Developer Friendly Outputs – Prioritized tickets and integration with developers’ tools of choice for friction-free DevSecOps remediation.
  • Software Quality – Vulnerability characteristics, including severity and number of occurrences, to zero in on any problem areas and compare proprietary and third-party code.

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