With the ZeroNorth platform, you can jump-start critical threat management initiatives that consolidate tools and data, deliver heightened visibility across the SDLC and ensure a secure product for your customers.

How Secure Are Your Products?

Organizations today are responsible for turning out software products to customers, quickly and securely, which means rapid and effective identification of vulnerabilities and risk across all stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) is critical.

This is easier said than done.

Creating and implementing a secure application development process means managing many disparate scanning tools to effectively gain awareness of vulnerabilities, a goal that is both difficult and expensive. In most cases, time-strapped security teams are burdened with managing unwieldy scanning processes requiring them to manually evaluate and deploy many disparate tools—a clear waste of time and resources.

Worse, cumbersome and ineffective systems invariably lead to erroneous reports and failed audits, both of which can cause delays in product development and significant financial loss. And it goes without saying, delivering an unsecure product to increasingly security-savvy customers translates into a breach of trust, lost business and a threat to brand reputation.

Finding ZeroNorth

Although the problem is complicated, the solution doesn’t have to be. The ZeroNorth for Product Security allows customers to rapidly deploy open-source or commercial scanning tools, which are directly embedded into the platform, to address product security requirements through all phases of the SDLC.

The ZeroNorth Solution for Product Security

ZeroNorth offers a unified platform to solve every pain point of product security. Our solution seamlessly integrates with proprietary, open source and third-party libraries to provide visibility and a holistic, agile security solution you can trust. ZeroNorth’s vulnerability orchestration accelerates time to value, reduces cost and delivers a superior security posture—all at the pace of business.

With ZeroNorth, results and data are collected and centralized, normalized and correlated for simplicity, creating “one source of truth” for risk, compliance and vulnerability, allowing you to deliver the highest level of product security to customers.

Key benefits of the ZeroNorth solution include:

  • An integrated platform to centrally manage and execute all application security scans across the entire SDLC, while addressing remediation
  • The ability to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize risk across applications and infrastructure
  • A comprehensive set of open source security scanning tools to jump-start or expand application security programs including:
    • SCA for open source components
    • SAST for developers’ code
    • Container scanning for container misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
    • DAST for vulnerabilities within deployed software
    • Cloud management scanning to validate security of applications deployed across AWS environments

Most importantly, ZeroNorth delivers comprehensive and consolidated scan reports, providing verifiable proof of security and compliance with the transparency of a centrally auditable record.

ZeroNorth Solution for Product Security

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Through the ZeroNorth platform, you can rapidly deploy open source scanning tools to address key product security requirements. These include:

  • OWASP Dependency Check (DepCheck), delivering SCA scanning capabilities to identify known vulnerabilities across open source components
  • Bandit, Brakeman and SonarQube offers SAST capabilities to uncover known vulnerabilities within developers’ code
  • Aqua, Clair and docker content trust, enabling customers to identify misconfigurations within containers and software vulnerabilities within the container itself
  • OWASP Zap, providing DAST scanning for deployed web applications
  • Prowler, providing the ability to identify misconfigured, or otherwise vulnerable assets within your cloud infrastructure ​

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