“Working with ZeroNorth supports our ability to secure software throughout the entire development lifecycle.”

– John DeSimone, vice president of cybersecurity and special missions at Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services. Read the full press release >>

Secure Products

Companies today are rushing to get new software products out the door to support digital transformation initiatives and generate revenue. Yet these products are often stopped at the final security control gate when vulnerabilities that could facilitate a breach come to light, preventing an on-time release. Or worse, products are deployed even though they contain critical vulnerabilities that could expose company and/or customer data.

To deliver software products fast and gain a competitive advantage, product security teams must have the tools and processes in place to build secure software right from the start. They also need the visibility to assess application security at any time during development, as well as the contextual insights to make informed business and operational decisions on risk and the security readiness of their products.

How ZeroNorth Helps Secure Software Products  

The ZeroNorth application security automation and orchestration platform empowers product security teams to innovate with confidence by ensuring an on-time delivery of secure products to market. With ZeroNorth, application security scanning is seamlessly integrated within existing (and familiar) development tools and processes, making security an integral part of software development processes—not an afterthought.

Through its unique automation and orchestration capabilities, ZeroNorth delivers the actionable data needed to identify and remediate the vulnerabilities that matter most early in the development process, without impacting developer velocity.

Additionally, ZeroNorth delivers the real-time visibility with contextual insights needed to accurately assess, manage and reduce application security and compliance risk throughout the software development life cycle and improve software outcomes.

Top Benefits of ZeroNorth for Securing Software Products  

  • Prevent delayed product deployments by building secure, compliant software products from the outset
  • Make informed business decisions based on application risk, and communicate effectively with executives
  • Take action to reduce risk by scanning software earlier and more often, when its far easier, quicker and less costly to identify and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Prioritize remediation based on business risk criteria
  • Reduce release friction by facilitating better collaboration between security and engineering teams
  • Create trust and support business continuity by providing security assurance to customers, partners, business leaders and others

 Top Features of ZeroNorth for Securing Software Products  

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ZeroNorth provides deep contextual insights on vulnerabilities, tracks pace of remediation and surfaces trends and patterns. 

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