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ZeroNorth Introduces Rapid Integration Connector to Support Broad Range of AppSec and Security Scan Tools

Publish Date

May 12, 2021

New Solution Allows Organizations to Quickly Scale AppSec and DevSecOps Programs

Boston, May 12, 2021 –– ZeroNorth, the only company to unite security, DevOps and the business for the good of software, today introduced its Rapid Integration Connector, which allows customers to integrate data from a wide range of application security (AppSec) tools into the ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform.

With its Rapid Integration Connector, ZeroNorth is delivering support for new AppSec scan tools in less than a day. A library of new connectors will be available to customers, enabling them to quickly scale their AppSec and DevSecOps programs.

In addition, the new Rapid Integration Connector adds value to ZeroNorth’s partners. Through the tool, VARs, system integrators and service providers can quickly integrate various tools into the ZeroNorth platform as part of a broader customer engagement.

ZeroNorth automatically normalizes all the vulnerability data from AppSec and security scan tools into a common risk framework. Through its proprietary data refinement process, ZeroNorth can compress thousands of issues into a concise list. This drastically reduces the number of vulnerabilities developers need to resolve, making it far easier and simpler to triage, prioritize and fix throughout the development process.

Through the ZeroNorth Rapid Integration Connector, customers can:

  • Easily integrate custom AppSec and security scan data into the ZeroNorth DevSecOps platform
  • Translate and format data from any AppSec scan tool for integration into ZeroNorth
  • Normalize, correlate, and compress the results alongside findings from other AppSec and security scan tools
  • Deliver enterprise DevSecOps analytics & reporting across all tools, including those supported via a Rapid Integration Connector

“With the cluttered nature of the AppSec market, we continue to see customers seek new tool integrations,” said John Worrall, CEO, ZeroNorth. “To support these requirements, quickly, ZeroNorth has launched our Rapid Integration Connector, enabling customers to integrate data from any AppSec scan tool they choose into our platform, where we’ll add insight and refine that information.”

Out-of-the-box, ZeroNorth delivers integrations with many of market-leading AppSec scan tools from vendors such as Veracode, ShiftLeft, Checkmarx, White Source and Micro Focus, to name a few. With the Rapid Integration Connector, ZeroNorth supports a broader range of scanning tools.

ZeroNorth’s Rapid Integration Connector is generally available. For more information visit: https://go.zeronorth.io/RapidIntegrationConnector

About ZeroNorth
ZeroNorth brings security, DevOps and the business together to improve application security performance and reduce organizational risk. The company’s DevSecOps platform enables organizations to automate and orchestrate key components of their application security program, and to rapidly identify, prioritize and remove the vulnerabilities standing in the way of software excellence. In an age where the security of applications needs to be everyone’s responsibility, ZeroNorth is where organizations come together for the good of software. Learn more at www.zeronorth.io

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