A DevSecOps platform
for security, DevOps & product teams.

For Every Role

ZeroNorth enables security, DevOps and business teams to enact strong AppSec practices and build towards DevSecOps.


As the champion and person ultimately responsible for enterprise security, the CISO centrally sets the standards, defines policies for risk, security performance and remediation, and communicates with all stakeholders.

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AppSec Team

As more and more organizations shift left, the AppSec team leads the charge to ensure that vulnerabilities are addressed to reduce risk.

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DevOps Leaders

The DevOps leader is responsible for the team, technology and processes that facilitate agile collaboration across development and IT operations to deliver applications and services at high velocity.

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Product Security

A relatively new role, the Product Security Officer is responsible for addressing risk while capitalizing on emerging security technologies and collaborating with DevOps teams to strengthen their product’s market reputation.

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