Joanne Godfrey

Joanne Godfrey joined ZeroNorth as Director of Product Marketing in 2020. She has marketed a wide range of enterprise technologies over the years including application, network and data security for software companies big and small. Joanne is a published author on security topics in industry and business publications.

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DevSecOps Quick Start

8 Tough Questions to Ask When Securing Your Software Supply Chain

By Joanne Godfrey Jun 16, 2021

Software supply chain breaches are headline news right now, and they’ve even been given an honorable or, more accurately, a dishonorable mention in the White House’s ...

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Need an AppSec Program Fast? Get with the Platform!

By Joanne Godfrey Jun 3, 2021

With software now at the heart of both business and life, the need for application security (AppSec) has never been more critical. If your software is ...

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BI Reporting


For DevSecOps to Happen, Everyone Must Be Looking at the Same Data

By Joanne Godfrey Feb 18, 2021

To achieve DevSecOps, as the term implies, the Development, Security and Operations teams must work together to address the needs of the modern enterprise—secure applications, constantly ...

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Defect Density

Application Security

Getting Security and Development on the Same Page Through ZeroNorth’s New Defect Density Dashboard

By Joanne Godfrey Nov 10, 2020

Today, ZeroNorth introduces its new defect density dashboard to help security leaders engage with development leaders more effectively through a common framework that aligns software vulnerabilities ...

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Driving Revolution


How ZeroNorth is driving the DevSecOps revolution for the good of software

By Joanne Godfrey Oct 8, 2020

Where software was once on the sidelines of organizational success today, it is front and center—with businesses under more pressure than ever before to deliver more ...

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AppSec Program Governance

4 Steps for Establishing an Effective AppSec Strategy

By Joanne Godfrey Sep 11, 2020

Companies are rushing to launch digital transformation initiatives and roll out new software products and services at greater speed than ever before. But one false move, ...

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Vulnerability Management

Leading Security Publications Laud ZeroNorth’s Compelling Value for AppSec Automation and Orchestration

By Joanne Godfrey May 12, 2020

There’s no greater validation of the ZeroNorth platform than objective reviews from leading publications in the security industry. And we now have two of them—from CSO ...

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