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ZeroNorth Adds Vulnerability Scanning Tools to Platform

By ZeroNorth Dec 24, 2019

Application security and risk management software maker ZeroNorth is enabling enterprises to more efficiently run software and infrastructure scans and mature their application security programs.  The ...

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2020 DevOps Predictions: Low Code / No Code: Greater Vulnerability

By ZeroNorth Dec 20, 2019

“In 2020, more companies will move away from manually writing code and use software tools to create applications and websites. The idea of using code for ...

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Dark Reading

Application & Infrastructure Risk Management: You’ve Been Doing It Backward

By ZeroNorth Dec 4, 2019

By John Worrall, CEO Before getting more scanning tools, think about what’s needed to defend your organization’s environment and devise a plan to ensure all needed ...

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Why digital transformation and security should go hand-in-hand [Q&A]

By ZeroNorth Dec 4, 2019

Digital transformation is becoming an essential part of many business initiatives and of course security is a high priority too. You would think that two such ...

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13 Outdated Tech KPIs (And What Businesses Should Track Instead)

By ZeroNorth Nov 12, 2019

“Many security teams measure the increase or decrease of reported incidents. That sounds reasonable, but it’s a flawed metric that does not necessarily reflect an improved ...

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DevSecOps Executive Insights

By ZeroNorth Nov 12, 2019

The most important elements of a successful DevSecOps implementation are automation, shifting left, and collaboration. ZeroNorth’s vice president of engineering, Andrei Bezdedeanu, offers his insights on ...

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Survey Surfaces Uneven Approaches to DevSecOps

By ZeroNorth Nov 4, 2019

There’s general agreement that digital business transformation initiatives are driving an overall acceleration in the rate at which applications are developed. At the same time, however, ...

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SC Magazine

Cyber Awareness Starts with Vulnerability Awareness

By ZeroNorth Oct 30, 2019

CEO John Worrall writes, “This month marks the fifteenth anniversary of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. While NCSAM originated as a campaign by the U.S. Department of Homeland ...

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DevOps Chat: Charting a New DevSecOps Course, With ZeroNorth

By ZeroNorth Oct 28, 2019

ZeroNorth from its founding has been focused on bringing a DevSecOps solution to market that was unique and effective. The company has brought on industry veteran ...

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Software Testing News

Software Companies Confused on How to Achieve Digital Transformation, Survey Finds

By ZeroNorth Oct 8, 2019

Building security into digital transformation plans is a priority, yet the path there is confusing and inconsistent, IT organizations admit as part of a survey. Conducted ...

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The 20 Worst Metrics in Cybersecurity

By ZeroNorth Sep 23, 2019

Growth Of Security Program: Says Ernesto DiGiambattista, founder and chairman at ZeroNorth: “More people, applications, and tools are often considered a measure of success, but this ...

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Software Security: Yes, You Can Measure It With The BSIMM

By ZeroNorth Sep 20, 2019

The BSIMM is an annual exercise, in part because software security practices continue to evolve—rapidly. This year’s report, authored by Sammy Migues, principal scientist, and Michael ...

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