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Most AppSec pros see a growing divide between them and developers

By ZeroNorth Sep 29, 2020

As digital transformation takes hold, it is increasingly vital that AppSec teams and developers work well together. With DevOps methodology seeing more adoption, teams are delivering ...

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The CISO Conundrum: Moving From ‘Dr. No’ To Business Enabler

By John Worrall Sep 23, 2020

In the ultimate catch-22, CISOs are charged with securing high-velocity digital transformation efforts, yet to do their jobs, they’re often forced to tell teams “stop” or ...

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75% of AppSec practitioners see a growing cultural divide between AppSec and developers

By ZeroNorth Sep 23, 2020

Thirty-nine percent of developers said the security team is responsible for securing apps, while 67% of AppSec practitioners said their teams are responsible, according to a ...

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5 ways to scale your app sec program

By ZeroNorth Sep 8, 2020

Starting a security program is hard enough. Going from pilot programs and basic secure development lifecycles to a more comprehensive program can cause rifts between development ...

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ZeroNorth Appoints Chris Riley as Senior Vice President of Sales

By ZeroNorth Sep 8, 2020

E-Channel News interviews Chris Riley about joining ZeroNorth.

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DevOps and Compliance: A Recipe for Success

By John Worrall Aug 25, 2020

Bringing DevOps, security and compliance into alignment takes time. It takes cooperation and patience. All significant organizational shifts do. But by following these steps, you will ...

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Why Quality & Security Both Matter in Software

By John Worrall Aug 18, 2020

It’s time to position quality and security as equals under the metric of software integrity. Software has forever revolutionized traditional product development. It’s what sets companies ...

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Playing Offense in the Name of Application Security

By Christian van den Branden Aug 11, 2020

Digital transformation isn’t just changing how businesses compete in the marketplace. It is changing how companies operate, especially with regards to security. Traditional models are being ...

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Women of Software Testing: Karen Higgins

By ZeroNorth Aug 5, 2020

In the first of its series on “Women of Software Testing/DevOps,” Software Testing News interviewed ZeroNorth CFO Karen Higgins about how she joined the application security ...

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The Name On The Front

By John Worrall Jul 29, 2020

“It’s a teachable moment wrapped in a Hollywood drama: The U.S. men’s ice hockey team is preparing for the 1980 Winter Olympics. The movie is Miracle, ...

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Security and Speed, Two Opposing Priorities Can Co-Exist in DevOps

By John Worrall Jun 28, 2020

Developers are forced to trade off security for speed for accelerated product development. John Worrall, CEO, ZeroNorth details the cultural, educational, and tactical means for making ...

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Dark Reading

Now More Than Ever? Securing the Software Life Cycle

By John Worrall May 7, 2020

The more things change, the more they stay the same. That’s true for software security, even in these turbulent times. With so much change in the ...

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