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Application Security

Learn How Powerful Metrics Can Help You Manage AppSec Tools and Risk

By ZeroNorth Jul 15, 2021

Bugs and flaws in software are common and unavoidable. In fact, about 84%[1] of software breaches happen at the application layer, which means organizations looking to ...

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Accountability Through Reporting: The Path to True DevSecOps

By ZeroNorth Jun 24, 2021

Visibility within an application security (AppSec) program is key to accountability. CISOs and executive leaders can’t expect to hold developers and product lines responsible for security ...

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Introducing Rapid Integration Connector: A New Solution for AppSec Tools

By ZeroNorth May 19, 2021

Anyone working to stand up or build out a robust AppSec program understands the ongoing need for security scanning tool integrations. Practitioners rely on a “garden ...

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AppSec Risk Visibility

You Can Now Simplify Business Decisions with DevSecOps Analytics and Reporting

By ZeroNorth May 11, 2021

Across all industries, organizations looking to succeed today must address the integrity of their software. Developing and deploying quality applications is now a foundational business effort, ...

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Application Security

How DevSecOps Analytics & Reporting Can Help You Hit 3 Key Goals

By ZeroNorth Mar 23, 2021

With information comes power. The same holds true for the security initiatives we stand up. To gain the most value from an enterprise application security (AppSec) ...

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BI Reporting


For DevSecOps to Happen, Everyone Must Be Looking at the Same Data

By Joanne Godfrey Feb 18, 2021

To achieve DevSecOps, as the term implies, the Development, Security and Operations teams must work together to address the needs of the modern enterprise—secure applications, constantly ...

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Cybersecurity hand

Continuous Security

Reactive Cybersecurity Means a Dangerous Game of Chase

By Ernesto DiGiambattista Oct 15, 2016

What’s on the minds of cybersecurity leaders? I had the opportunity to participate in a recent event where leading companies and cybersecurity practitioners gathered to discuss ...

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