Analysts are predicting that throughout 2021, we will continue to see the human element of DevOps shining through. Other predictions forecast that the role of AI and AIOps in DevOps teams will become more prominent and that DevOps will take a larger role in enterprise Digital Transformation efforts.

As DevOps teams continue to grow and adapt to trends and changes that have emerged from the pandemic, it’s important to take a closer look at these changes and trends.

Join this panel, which includes ZeroNorth DevSecOps Evangelist Dan Beauregard, to learn what the emerging trends around DevOps are, and to hear best practices about how DevOps teams can continue to collaborate and thrive when dealing with new and increased pressures.
Topics of discussion will include:
– Key learnings DevOps team have experienced from the events of 2021
– What the future for DevOps teams may look like, and how it can help businesses innovate
– The most prominent trends impacting DevOps team and ways of working in 2021, from AIOps to new toolchains
– And more

This panel will be held Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 11am EDT. Save your seat here.

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