Enterprise AppSec Risk: Visibility to Empower Modern Security Leaders, May 12, 2021

Event date

May 12, 2021

Panel discussion moderated by ZeroNorth CEO John Worrall. Panelists include:

  • Maria Schwenger, AVP – Head of App Security and Data Protection at American Family Insurance
  • Amit Bhardwaj, Chief Information Security Officer at Lumentum
  • Vinod Paniker, Chief Platform Officer at Paceline
  • Raj Badhwar, Senior Vice President, Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Voya Financial

As organizations employ DevOps methodologies to accelerate development, often across multiple business units and teams, security can fall by the wayside. While security is owned by CISOs and their teams, AppSec is often managed at the DevOps team level. CISOs need a way to gain AppSec risk visibility across the distributed enterprise, to communicate this insight with various DevOps teams and business unit leadership, and to drive accountability around addressing the highest priority issues in order to encourage action required to secure the organization.

Companies need a data-driven, holistic view of application risk to build a robust AppSec strategy and program and produce the best, most secure product possible. Through an AppSec risk analytics solution, CISOs and security leaders can assess where they have the greatest application security risk and determine how to best manage it. With added accountability and visibility, development teams can more easily fix issues, prevent breaches, and communicate potential risk to business and corporate leaders.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Gaining an enterprise-wide view of AppSec risk, and empowering corporate, business area and DevOps leaders with this insight
  • Sharing responsibility for application security across security and development teams
  • Providing data to support an executive-level conversation around risk
  • Increasing visibility into application security so leadership teams can take action and mitigate risk
  • Utilizing AppSec risk analytics as a tool to demonstrate a continuous-improvement AppSec model

Join us to discuss how risk analytics can support security and development teams with accessing business-critical information and creating a unified view of application security risk. Wednesday, May 12, 12pm CT. Request an invitation here.

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The key to reducing AppSec risk is pretty simple. It all starts with AppSec visibility and everyone looking at the same data. AppSec visibility data provides ...

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