FinConDX is focused on the DevOps, DevSecOps and Digital Transformation practices and tools you need to thrive in the fintech industry. The conference will bring together financial services and tech leaders to cover a wide range of topics, including development, operations, product, architecture and leadership through a series of expert-lead sessions, panels and keynotes. Breakout sessions and panel discussions will fall under following topics:

  • leading digital transformation,
  • emerging technology,
  • security and audit,
  • modernization tools,
  • and more.

All the C levels and their organizations will be the enablers of rapid change in the financial sector, balancing necessary controls and risk management with modernization techniques. Industry experts will discuss the innovative approaches to the financial sectors rapid digital transformation, exploring leading edge technology and the methodologies.

Make sure to attend ZeroNorth’s session “Application Security: Bridging the gap between DevOps and security teams” where DevSecOps Evangelist Dan Beauregard will cover:

  • Understanding the cultural divide between DevOps and security teams
  • Value of a federated responsibility model for AppSec
  • The challenges of implementing this model in real life
  • Capabilities / approaches that can help solve these challenges
  • Quick look at how ZeroNorth’s platform can help organizations get their AppSec program on track

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