Join us for the Predict 2020 Virtual Summit on January 23, 2020. Visit the ZeroNorth virtual booth, hear from analysts, practitioners, venture capitalists and thought leaders from the realms of DevOps, cloud native, cybersecurity, digital transformation and IT as they give us their best predictions on what 2020 will bring. Our VP of Engineering Andrei Bezdedeanu will be a panelist on 2020: Developers Do Security:

Amid all the talk of shifting left, mingling the DevOps and Security tribes and how can we do code better, faster and with more quality a funny thing happened. Security vendors are developing security tools for developers and DevOps. The security team still pays for them, but they won’t buy them without Dev and DevOps buy in. What does this mean for 2020? Will we see better “quality (codeword for security)” in our apps? What should security teams be doing to make this happen? What should developers and DevOps teams do to adopt these new developer friendly tools? Is 2020 the year DevSecOps makes a difference?

And make sure to come by our booth, which will be complete with informative resources you can download, as well as chance to connect with our team. If you’d like to set up a time to meet with the team, either during the summit or outside of it, please fill in the form below. For more information and to register >>

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