Join us at the RSAC 2021 Virtual Summit, Wednesday, January 27, 2021. ZeroNorth is pleased to sponsor the Application Security track. Make sure to attend our briefing session at 9:45 am ET / 12:45 pm PT: “Application Security: Bridging the Gap Between Security and DevOps Teams” with ZeroNorth CEO John Worrall and DevSecOps Evangelist Dan Beauregard.

About the Session:
When AppSec and DevOps teams aren’t aligned on how to deliver secure software, fast, organizations are at risk. This video, which includes a demo, discusses how to tackle this challenge head on. Learn how to establish a shared responsibility model that empowers developers to deliver secure code while providing security teams the control needed to meet risk and compliance requirements.

Be sure to stop by the ZeroNorth booth to get some informative white papers and reports as well as to set up a personal demo. And REGISTER NOW using the ZeroNorth complimentary discount code 54ZNTHFD20. 


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