ZeroNorth CEO Ernesto DiGiambattista will be speaking and we are pleased to be a sponsor.

Session: Thursday, 5/16, 1:15PM

How Does IT Audit Keep Up With the Speed of Business?
Every business is a software company or is using software as their competitive advantage. How does Audit keep up with the pace of innovation from a Risk perspective? The adoption of DevOps and the continuous change to the business creates new challenges from a risk management perspective. The traditional audit approach of Point In Time audits only provide a reflection of risk at a past date. The new objective for executives in Corporate IT audit is to identify a new paradigm shift towards continuous audits to keep up with the speed of business. This session will present how the adoption of Orchestrated Risk Management is an approach for Corporate IT Audit to maintain velocity to continuous risk management. More…

Ernesto and the team will be there. If you’d like to set up a specific time to connect, contact us. 

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